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Stereo Stethoscope

Who listens to anything in mono anymore?
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Why shouldn't doctors have stereo stethoscopes? Even if it didn't make any difference, examination-wise, it'd sound more realistic. Even doctors need entertainment.
Ander, Nov 14 2000

gnathosonic analysis http://www.rest2.de...JPPUBS/TCSOUNDS.htm
Stereo stethoscopes (with two bells, not just two earpieces) can be used to find out whether or not someone's teeth line up by analysing the sound they make when closing their mouth. [jutta, Nov 14 2000]


       Why take chances and work with pricey goodies? I found that sawing off one earpiece and attaching a plastic timepiece eliminated mostly the need for a doctor in the room, and made unlikely the acquisition of my generic-looking stethoscope by a hurried, near sighted ME. The kids think that foam ear is a riot.
reensure, Nov 14 2000

       Normal stethoscopes are binaural (use both ears), but the sound reaching both ears comes from the same membrane or bell.
jutta, Nov 14 2000

       A mechanics version could be useful for locating hard to find noises.
multiple #6, Nov 28 2000

       Yes, most stethoscopes are binaural, and the sound comes from one bell/diaphragm. The sound also comes from ONE HEART. A double-belled stethoscope would do nothing more than introduce confusing sounds to a physician which she has never heard before. At least we have consistency with our current Littman IIIs. And, btw, Multiple #6: baked. There's an electronically amplified version for the heard of hearing and/or persnickety cardiologists.
djanaba, Jun 07 2001

       There certainly is a stereophonic stethoscope. In fact it has been in existence for 10 years now. It has a totally 2-channelized structure from the chestpiece up to the ear-pieces, enabling one to hear stereophonic auscultatory sounds, both cardiac and pullmonary. It has been acclaimed by doctors world-wide. If you wish more information on this stethoscope, please visit the URL <www.mmjp.or.jp/stethoscope> Thank you.
Kazama, Aug 19 2001


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