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Stick-on Stiletto Strip

making home a high-heeled, haute couture, hot house
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What: Adhesive strips of knobs (bell curve shaped) affixed to the floor as high-heeled, faux footwear. The knobs are made of soft plastic with a slightly concave upper surface for comfortable and secure walking. The strip is transparent, there’s a wide range of stride lengths and heel heights, and the humps come in a variety of hues and patterns. Choose a bright, glow-in-the-dark color for prettier, make-believe mules that decrease the risk of stumbling over them at night.

Where: Place the strips along paths where one often walks – from the door for impressive entrances and exits (the pretend pumps are in line and double sided, so each strip can be used in both directions) – from the kitchen to the dining/living room for dazzling dish and cocktail deliveries – or why not an into-the-bedroom strip or a cubicle-to-water cooler course or a walk-the-dog park path?

Who: Stay-at-home moms, office girls, sexy city singles, transvestites, just about anyone who wants to look and feel more feminine and attractive.

Why: The spoof spiked shoes stretch the spine, straighten the posture, flatter the feet and make you taller and your legs look longer and slimmer. Your toes are free and unconstrained. You’ll look better and feel better about yourself.

FarmerJohn, Sep 04 2004

For Dance Floors http://www.centralh...y/waltz_steps-2.htm
More complex configurations of Stilleto Strips [robinism, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "Excuse me, miss, why are you staring at the ground everywhere you go?"
bpilot, Sep 04 2004

       Any chance of an illustration? John? Bris?
wagster, Sep 04 2004

FarmerJohn, Sep 04 2004

       has someone bent the page out of shape?
po, Sep 04 2004

       [po] No, that was the degauss button you pushed.
destructionism, Sep 04 2004


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