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The Staple Floor

The Ultimate Stationery Indulgence...
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The Staple Floor consists of a bottom layer of thin, durable wood, into which millions of staples have been fired.

The staples could either be flush with each other, to achieve that smooth gleaming look, or could overlap to provide extra grip when walking on them. Different coloured staples could be used to create an intruiging pattern, or even a picture. The Master Stapler would have full control over the placement and arrangement of the staples, and of course the floors would be custom built only.

The Staple Floor - perfect for the rich and the stationery obsessed.

Mr Phase, Dec 18 2005


       I like it. An unexpected bonus is that you could pull a few up if you're running short on staples.
Honduras, Dec 18 2005

       and if you started using too many. would you need to be put on a staple diet? +
xenzag, Dec 18 2005

       [+] - Purely because I think it would look very cool.
wagster, Dec 18 2005

       Because I'm not bored - or clever - enough to work it out myself, can anyone calculate how many staples would be needed to coat an entire room? Say 1cm staples with a 5x5m floor area?
Mr Phase, Dec 18 2005

       For simplicities sake, let's say a staple is 1mm x 10mm - i.e. 10 staples per square cm. Your 5m x 5m area has 250,000sq cm and will therefore require 2,500,000 staples.   

       The nice thing about this idea is that over a period of years you could give your floor a designer finish purely by periodically raiding the office stationary cupboard.
wagster, Dec 18 2005

       I must add (on pain of scratching) that credit for this idea goes to younger sister Jen, who remarked before a game of monopoly "why can't we make the floor out of staples?"
Mr Phase, Dec 18 2005

       [wag's], that's very dilbert.   

       It appears that this floor is not entirely stapled!
Zimmy, Dec 19 2005

       Ah. I was thinking the staples would be the other way up, and this would be the Dilbert version of walking on hot coals.
DrCurry, Dec 19 2005

       I would [Ra], but the majority of her ideas are based on giving clothes to farm animals. Perhaps a candidate for the Jnr Halfbakery?
Mr Phase, Dec 19 2005

       What makes me think that this was inspired by a recent TV spot featuring a woman who had done her whole house with pencils? On that spot, she said she was "obsessed with office supplies" Coincidence? Hmmmm...
zigness, Dec 20 2005

       Nope, haven't seen that one - could you provide a link?
Mr Phase, Dec 20 2005

       I can see where this would look pretty, but mightn't it be a little painful to walk on in bare feet?
DVineMissEva, Dec 20 2005

       Why? Am I missing something here?
Mr Phase, Dec 22 2005

       If they screw up the spacing, that could pinch horribly.
notmarkflynn, Dec 22 2005

       [+] like a parquet floor for tiny things
seedyem, Dec 23 2005

       This would be a thing of beauty, and I'd love it. I would make it chequerboard style, with blocks of staples at right angles to each other. Lovely on bare feet.   

       Would go nicely with a table I saw in an interiors mag last month which is a massive block of post-it notes, so you can scribble ideas down on the tabletop over coffee, take the top sheet of the table away and stick it on the boardroom wall. +
rubyminky, Dec 23 2005

       Hell, why not go the whole way and create a stationary-themed room? Protractor-placeholders anyone?
Mr Phase, Mar 03 2006

       And the announcer says, "Staple your floor! Fun for the whole family!"
Jscotty, Mar 03 2006

       //this idea is not going anywhere// Nope, it's staying right here where it belongs. With all of it's buns.
wagster, Mar 03 2006

       I getcha, [bigsleep]. I hate it when I have to explain how clever I am, too.
egbert, Mar 04 2006


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