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Sticky Wall

A wall with a tacky surface for pulling off all lint and stray hairs quickly.
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Tired of taking minutes using a tiny lint brush to get your lint off your outfits? Sick of those elusive stray hairs tickling the back of your arm all day? Use the Sticky Wall and be lint-free in mere seconds.

Take the concept of those hand-held sticky lint removers and magnify the surface area to the size of an average adult. Mount the Sticky Wall, with about 25 layers of sticky tape on a slight cushiony surface, to a wall at home, open the protective cover door hinged onto it, pick up your long hair (if you have it), and press yourself against it, making sure all clothing surfaces touch the wall. Roll all sides onto the sticky surface and find your outfit ready and lint-free in mere seconds. When you're done, just close the cover or remove a layer first, to reveal fresh stickiness for your next use.

XSarenkaX, Aug 21 2002

Pet Paper http://www.halfbake...per_20(Cat_20Paper)
The outdoor variant ... [8th of 7, Aug 21 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Sticky Floors http://www.markelind.com/
Picky, picky, picky. [DrCurry, Aug 21 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

3M's self sticking message board http://products.3m....FFWWHglGSSYZ23SG2bl
Something kinda like this, only bigger and stickier? [barnzenen, Aug 23 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You wouldn't lose the hair that's attached to your head. The sticky paper that XsX is reffering to is just sticky enough to get lint and pet hair from clothes, not rip it from the human body. Didn't you ever use one of these on your cat when you were younger? God, it helped with the shedding problems and hair balls...
barnzenen, Aug 21 2002

       <plagiarism grumble> This is just an archetectural version of my Pet Paper idea </plagiarism grumble>   

       <Shuffles off to sulk in corner>
8th of 7, Aug 21 2002

       Ha! I can see it now - fly paper for humans...
DrCurry, Aug 21 2002

       It is not "People Paper" or anything like your idea, [8th of 7]. Quit sulking.
XSarenkaX, Aug 21 2002

       Just use several sticky mats (which happen to be Baked), and apply to wall as specified.
DrCurry, Aug 21 2002

       Please support your statements, Doc.
XSarenkaX, Aug 21 2002

       does that answer the eternal question. what happens to the votes on deletion of an account?
po, Aug 21 2002

       XSX: in a previous life, to get at someone who shall remain nameless, I defined egnosticism as a refusal to believe in anything unless a link for it exists on the Internet. You, madam, could be the egnostic high priestess. Satisfied?
DrCurry, Aug 21 2002

       No...if you're going to say Y is better than X, I expect some supporting reasons. The link was a nice touch, though.   

       [DrCurry]//Btw, much more practical to make this a sticky mat, and those happen to be Baked.//   

       Okay, I saw your link with the nicely baked sticky floor mats, but why would *my* idea be more practical as a floormat than my lovely, cushioned, vertical wall? I mean, who wants to roll around on the floor, especially if they're in a nice interview suit or something?   

       Also, gravity might contribute to exessive accumulation of other dust particles if the mat's on the floor. I bet pets would undoubtedly wander onto a floor version and get stuck or leave their dirt/hair behind unnessarily.   

       I think the wall works better for this application. It's easier, faster, and less wasteful.
XSarenkaX, Aug 21 2002

       I agree with XSarenkaX. Croissant.
ImBack, Aug 22 2002

       Sarenka: Um. I read your "Mount the Sticky Wall" as in "mount a horse" as opposed to "mount a picture", and I had images of you trying to affix yourself several feet off the floor. Rereading it, I see the error of my ways.   

       However, I point that your sticky wall is still merely a Markel mat applied to a wall. So as a product it is Baked, although the use is novel, if not thoroughly bizarre.   

       (Btw, if you ever try this, please send me the video. Should keep me laughing until Christmas. 8th of 7 is quite right.)
DrCurry, Aug 22 2002

       Hm. The idea of throwing myself at a goopy wall and flailing around trying to get lint off doesn't really sound appealing, regardless of its effectiveness. I'll stick (ba dum tsssh!) with a lint brush and handle it on a case by case basis.   

       I wonder, is this elusive stray hair tickling the back of the arm all day a common problem? Never had to deal with that one myself.   

       XSarenkaX... Sarenka, your name always looks to me like it's surrounded by those Blair Witch Project creepy stick figures.
waugsqueke, Aug 22 2002

       How about a Wall O' Wax? No more costly salon visits for body waxing.
banshee, Aug 22 2002

       Let's have 'sticky people' (wearing sticky clothes) in the street, so you can get a quick hug & dehair, Like a shoe shiner, but for suits.
pfperry, Aug 22 2002

       Sorry, [waugsqueke]. I don't mean to remind you of that stupid, hyped-up, nauseating excuse for a movie. The X's don't mean anything; they just differentiate me from the bastard who nabbed "Sarenka" in Yahoo! when I started surfing the 'net. <shrug>   

       Oh, and the stray hair tickling the back of my arm thing - yeah, that's an annoyingly common occurrence for me. I would imagine having long hair would make one more prone to this phenomenon, so if your hair's pretty short, you probably won't have this issue.
XSarenkaX, Aug 22 2002

       //A wall with a tacky surface//
By "tacky", do you also mean *bad* colo(u)rs/wallpapers?
//How about a Wall O' Wax? No more costly salon visits for body waxing.//
EXcellent suggestion - wax is good, wax is good
thumbwax, Aug 22 2002

       I was thinking this would rock hard for people who like to cover their walls in posters and pictures.
polartomato, Aug 23 2002

       [thumbwax], by tacky, of course I just mean sticky. If you'd like yours to be cheesy or trendy, I suppose they could come in gaudy patterns and colors, too, but I can't justify the extra cost it would require.   

       [polartomato], don't worry - this is a portable wall. You should be able to hide it in your closet if you don't want it up all the time. Remember, it has a cover door to keep stuff from sticking to it until you're ready to de-lint your outfit.
XSarenkaX, Aug 23 2002

       Anyone remember those gel lint brushes (rollers) that all you had to do was wash them off with soapy water? This tech. could be incorporated into the wall so all you had to do was wash the wall once a week and all would be well.
barnzenen, Aug 23 2002

       Yeah, I remember them. They didn't work.
angel, Aug 23 2002

       While I was reading this discussion, I thought about posting an idea for a 'suit of lint' just for fun. The suit would be made entirely of lint, therefore de-linting would not be an issue. However, I decided it wouldn't work because every helpful soul you walked past on your way to work would pick off a strand of lint and, next thing you know, you're in your skivvies!   

       I'm thinking of mounting my sticky wall on the ceiling. It will be out of the way, and, as a side benefit, it will capture any bugs or insects that are exploring my abode. I will have a remote control that causes the sticky wall to swing down and whack me firmly on the back, which will cause all the lint on my outfit to fly off and lodge itself on the sticky stuff. I will then have the option of repeating the action frontally if there are any more nasty strands of lint marring my appearance.   

       PS. Putting the sticky wall on the ceiling is also a good way to keep track of the whereabouts of your pet(s)!
Canuck, Aug 26 2002

       "Where's your cat?"
"Oh, he's hangin' around..."
RayfordSteele, Aug 26 2002

       So, what about your shoulders, inner legs, etc?
allie8962, Aug 20 2003

       [Canu] Make sure you don't use the Sticky Wall in one of your nice, new lint suits.
Worldgineer, Aug 20 2003

       Great. Leave it [allie8962] to find areas this ingenious invention can't de-lint-ify. I don't know, it's a cushioned thing - maybe it can round some corners with a little pressure?
XSarenkaX, Aug 22 2003

       I've always wanted to throw my underwear against the wall, and have it stick. and now I can! with "new" sticky wall ! from wrongco.
cornpad, Aug 28 2004


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