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Vine Protector for Walls

An erosion protector from vines, especially for external walls
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Houses covered with vines are less common in my area then they used to be, and its a pity, since vines (somehow I have the feeling that that's the wrong word. please assist if your fluent in English) protect the house from direct sunlight, cooling it in the hot seasons, and also give the houses a great look, always refreshing themselves. Some vines also give edible fruit, others give off nice fragrance.

The problem is that after a while the vine needs to be removed if it dies, or becomes too heavy. Then an extremely ugly wall is seen. Also the vine may erode the wall, causing it damage. Last but not least, it sometimes grows too close or even into unwanted places like neighbor's windows or piping.

It would be great if there could be some type of low cost protective net that allows the vines to catch on, but not to erode the walls, and confines the vine's growth away from unwanted areas.

Then maybe the gardening nurseries could sell folded vines ready to be applied.

This could also be used INSIDE houses.

pashute, Sep 09 2009


       I think this would be the plastic or metal mesh such as chicken wire. I have attached some to my fence for a passionfruit vine to grow on. Would be cool if you could get more house friendly colours so it blended in more though.
penguin_tummy, Sep 10 2009

       Dern, I got so involved reading the description, I forgot there is supposed to be an idea.   

       Can't we just have more vine covered houses everywhere, period? (thinking better insulation, etc.)
blissmiss, Sep 10 2009

       I was strolling past a few vine covered houses just last night, commenting on their beauty to my companion. These particular vines were known as Wisteria, and they are now my favorite. That is all, thanks.
daseva, Sep 10 2009


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