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Still video

still life
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This artwork form is in the form of a static photographic artwork of any form (landscape, still-life, portrait, abstract, etc.

However, instead of being recorded using a still camera it is recorded using a video camera.

The aim is to generate a video track that does not change for however long (arbitrarily suggest 10 minutes)

Ideally, the end can loop back to the beginning with no noticeable jump. Certain genres may have an unavoidable slight change over 10 minutes and so a little editing trickery may be required to smooth the end transition.

Any serendipitous action (a fly flying past, an involuntary blink, etc.) is to be minimised.

Sound is also recorded with high-quality mics and is played back along with the picture. Again the aim of the artform is that an attentive listened will not hear anything.

Could be displayed online, or in a special gallery exhibition of non-moving-moving pictures.

pocmloc, Aug 14 2020

TV Buddhas https://publicdeliv...une-paik-tv-buddha/
Nam June Paik did this years ago. [Toto Anders, Aug 20 2020]

Pretty close https://www.window-swap.com/
Stare out of someone else's window for awhile. [RayfordSteele, Aug 20 2020]


       Unless I'm misunderstanding the idea, it's totally baked. See Andy Warhol's 24 hour Empire State building as an early example. Numerous other artists have made long and short films of static objects and situations of every imaginable kind.
xenzag, Aug 14 2020

       What [xen] said- for example, you could use news footage of Barak Obama, who did absolutely nothing for eight years...
8th of 7, Aug 14 2020

       Must we?   

       "Access 8th of 7.c Find subroutine 'inject politics.'   

       Delete.... delete... delete..."   

       Nevermind that minor healthcare bill. Nevermind Republican refusal to pass anything at all, regardless of what it was.
RayfordSteele, Aug 14 2020

       [RayfordSteele] it's just an attention getting tactic. Same with the cats.
tatterdemalion, Aug 14 2020

       No, that's pure malice. We actually do our best to avoid attracting attention to our activities.   

       // "please don't feed the trolls." //   

       What, do you want us to starve or something ? Look, tell you what, just give us a pound for a cup of tea, and we'll go and bother someone else.
8th of 7, Aug 14 2020

       John Lennon paid a man to stand in front of a building in NY and photograph it every few minutes. The TV audience laughed, but it's the only reason Trump beheads a new blond-headed mop every morning.
4and20, Aug 14 2020

       // just give us a pound for a cup of tea, and we'll go and bother someone else   

       So there is an off switch. I'll make it 2. Do you accept Paypal? What's the current exchange?
tatterdemalion, Aug 14 2020

       //He's a Shadwell//   

       Does that mean Thomas Jefferson was a Borg ? or, has that something to do with the term "bicycle face".
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2020

       I'm more concerned you didn't have to look up "bicycle face".   

       But... okay, ouch : I read that again not too long ago, too.
FlyingToaster, Aug 14 2020

       // there is an off switch //   

       No; more of a coin-operated short-term mute button.   

       Think of it like a reverse jukebox; instead of paying to hear music for a few minutes, your're buying a short- very short- period of silence.   

       <Considers adopting the rank of Witchfinder Brigadier/>
8th of 7, Aug 15 2020

       //adopting the rank//   

       ... sounds like a very philanthropic enterprise, even nobler and more selfless than fostering the smelly.
pertinax, Aug 15 2020

       Interesting ... then we could post our activities on Twitter ...   

       Would it cost us money, or would it be cheep ?
8th of 7, Aug 15 2020

       What everyone thought was incipient tinnitus was actually a public art installation of still audio. — pertinax, Aug 20 2020 [delete]
pocmloc, Aug 20 2020

       Nice, implanted tinnitus-generated skull transducers as surgical art.
pocmloc, Aug 20 2020

       // Budgerigar would be more fitting in your case //   

       <Witty riposte far too late to be actually amusing>   

       <Outrageous faux-Hispanic accent>   

       "Budgies ? Hwe doan' need no steenkin' budgies !"   

       <Outrageous faux-Hispanic accent/>   

       <Witty riposte far too late to be actually amusing/>
8th of 7, Aug 27 2020

       So clean out the cage.
pertinax, Aug 28 2020


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