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Inner city stilted, fireman's lift taxi service.
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Employ experienced stiltwalkers.

Re-engineer stilts to the average height of say 15 feet/4.57 meters with knee joints.Incorporate a primary sensor system as an assembly of gyroscopes within the knees of the stilts.

Customer dials Stiltaxis and is asked to wait by a appropriate open window within their building.

The inner city Stiltaxi jockey arrives to pick up the passenger/passengers and proceeds to place the customer within a fireman's lift position over an exaggerated pair of shoulder pads attached to the jockey.

With long stilted strides above pedestrians and traffic, the passenger is now well on their way to reach their destination. Being, a window on the other side of town.

If you live in a bungalow, be prepared to use a ladder.

skinflaps, Jan 24 2006

Riding on the Shoulders of Giants Riding_20on_20the_2...lders_20of_20Giants
by -alx. Where is -alx, anyway? [calum, Jan 26 2006]


       Rungs up the back of the stilts instead of a ladder?
wagster, Jan 24 2006

       Oh yes, and smoke machines at the knees to confuse other traffic.
wagster, Jan 24 2006

       ...or to confuse other Stiltaxis within the area.
skinflaps, Jan 24 2006

       Sarf o' the rivah guv? Nah worries. Across the bleedin' rivah!
coprocephalous, Jan 24 2006

       "2nd floor, rear window"
skinflaps, Jan 24 2006

       Follow that cab...and step on it.   

       I would hate to have one of these step on my toe.
riemann_ranger, Jan 24 2006

       + +   

       + +   

       + +   

       + +   

       + +   

       + +   

       + +
xenzag, Jan 26 2006

       //Sorry, not practical//   

       This is the halfbakery! The clue's in the name!   

       //This has been baked in the form of the Imperial Walkers in Star Wars//   

       No, because Star Wars isn't real life. Also the idea is in the method, which is explained here and not there. Also also I don't think that this idea can really be said to be derivative of the vehicles in those movies.
yamahito, Jan 26 2006

       [21 Quest] you're a worry.
skinflaps, Jan 26 2006

       //No, because Star Wars isn't real life// Spoiler!
coprocephalous, Jan 26 2006

       I believe that was humor.
half, Jan 26 2006

       [21] Just be grateful [waugs] isn't around anymore - *then* you would know the meaning of criticism.
I am not worthy so much as to honour his remembrance.
[21] I'm hurt.
coprocephalous, Jan 26 2006

       [21] You seemed to imagine a completely different idea, and then tell the inventor that it was already baked in Star Wars!! Those walkers hav long legs, but they are not stilts......   

       # got 21 seconds to flow I got 21 seconds to go, Cause if you like me let me know Let me in the studio, I got 21 seconds before I got to go Did you see me on the video, oh no, Did you see me on the video, oh no So if you like me let me know, Let me in the studio I got 21 seconds before I got to go ....#
Minimal, Jan 26 2006

       *murders Minimal*   

       I like this, except for the fireman's lift part; when I'm up high, I want to be able to see something more exciting than a stiltwalker's jacksie. Give them a giant papoose, or something, so that I can see into the second floor of double decker buses as I travel home, tired and emotional.
calum, Jan 26 2006

       How's about a BabyBjorn?
wagster, Jan 26 2006

       //except for the fireman's lift part//   

       Ask nicely and the jockey might let you sit on their shoulders.
skinflaps, Jan 26 2006

       Thanks [calum]! I needed that...
Minimal, Jan 26 2006


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