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Stomach Stopper

For those rushed suicidal decisions
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come on, we've all been there. you're sitting in your kitchen looking at the bottle of pills on your counter waiting for your phone to ring. in a daring maneuver, you swallow the whole bottle. just your luck, the next second yields a phone call from your regretful ex, who apologizes for her behaviour and declares her love for you, hence the uncomfortable visit to the doctor to get your stomach pumped, enduring the judging gaze of the doctors as they squeeze out the charcoal and slide down the tube.

My idea is for a small, barely noticeable mesh bag that slides down your throat, so that you are given a second chance to consider your actions.

also in my line of products will be the SuiSmart, the revolutionary gun lock that comes with a tethered rubik's cube that you must solve to unlock the gun. this stimulates your prefrontal cortex while you review your life-ending decision.

neo_, Jun 02 2010

Jump Stopper http://www.pcworld....r_12th_suicide.html
[swimswim, Jun 02 2010]

Call-For-Help Pill Call-For-Help_20Pill
My rift on this idea: ensure the pill(s) you take are fake but far more effective at actually calling for help. [Aristotle, Jun 03 2010]

Samaritans http://www.samarita...th/feeling_low.aspx
[rcarty, Jun 05 2010]

"Spirit of the Age" http://www.oldielyr...rit_of_the_age.html
Woah...I'd heard of this band, but had no familiarity with their work...interesting... [normzone, Jun 05 2010]

philosophy of suicide http://en.wikipedia...ilosophy_of_suicide
apparently people have *actually* thought about it. [daseva, Jun 05 2010]


       This is a reasonable idea but it requires preperation by the potentially suicidal. Pills that appear to be fatal will probably be easier to find than your product, for example, and rushed suicidal decisions don't always involve impromptu shopping trips for precautionary measures.   

       In a similar manner ways to stop people dying from jumping off buildings on a whim would have be pre-bought and pre-worn. [+]
Aristotle, Jun 02 2010

       //ways to stop people dying from jumping off buildings on a whim//   

       [aristotle], you echo current events -- see link.
swimswim, Jun 02 2010

       Can't say that I've been there.
RayfordSteele, Jun 02 2010

       I haven't been there either.
dentworth, Jun 02 2010

       I haven't been there either. Or if I had: it would have been a 12 gauge Remington 870 pointed at my chest, loaded with a 1oz slug and my ballistic protective vest would have been worn but opened in the front so that the slug would enter, but not exit and cause harm to anyone in an adjacent domicile.   

       Talk to some friends. Mine were very helpful, but you can't have them... cause they're mine.
MikeD, Jun 02 2010

       neo, we love you. You come here when you are down. I'll be your friend. I'll be your second chance. Don't be alone, or afraid. Just come here. neo. albeit crazy, there's no place like home/ the halfbakery.
blissmiss, Jun 03 2010

       The real question is whether neo should swallow the red pills or the blue pills.
DrWorm, Jun 03 2010

       Over-the-counter Instant Death pills.
DrWorm, Jun 03 2010

       As [21Q] points out, over-the-counter death pills are available, but they're not instant: they take about three days to work.
mouseposture, Jun 03 2010

       I hear prescription death pills are much better.
daseva, Jun 03 2010

       As [MikeD] said, it's friends that save you, rather than gadgetry.
pertinax, Jun 03 2010

       I'm in agreement with all those who have said they've never been there. It's quite wrong to start off with an assumption like that...but a way to make people consider rash actions could be useful.
xandram, Jun 03 2010

       I find exercise helps. I can often be found cycling all around my local area singing Hawkwind songs and/or planning improbable future accomplishments.
Aristotle, Jun 03 2010

       //I can often be found cycling all around my local area singing Hawkwind songs and/or planning improbable future accomplishments.//   

       Your solution makes me wish the problem on you.
MikeD, Jun 04 2010

       Admittedly singing some of the weirder lyrics does get me some strange looks and I never sing the verse about the android replica from "Spirit of the Age".   

       I also sing Gong, Pink Floyd and Small Faces ("Hello Mr Jones, How's your bird's lumbago?").
Aristotle, Jun 04 2010

       I've never killed myself before either.   

       But then again, who hasn't thought about what being dead is like, and then decided they'd like to try it out? Suicidals certainly aren't the healthiest bunch, but it's a pretty realistic attitude.   

       Oh yeah, if you've stumbled on this page because you're thinking about it, don't do it. Just 'cause.
rcarty, Jun 05 2010

       We have had a barrage of teens throwing themselves under the trains lately, (same train station), that it's hardly taken lightly anymore. Seems to be an almost cool thing to do...scary. Talk to someone. That is always good advice. But this idea reminds me of how precious each life is, and how tenuous life can be too.
blissmiss, Jun 05 2010

       So, I'm not as familiar with the mechanics of overdoses - what does the invention actually do? You swallow a mesh bag, then what?
jutta, Jun 05 2010


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