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the last meal

humane euthenasia: poison
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When grandma decides that she no longer wants the pain and indignity of sitting in a hospital waiting to die, the Last Meal is the perfect way to go. Extensive planning makes it the perfect dinner, just for her. She drifts off to sleep with a full belly, having eaten real steak and eggs for the first time in ten years, followed by rasberry ice cream and good burbon, she drifts off to sleep in warm contentment, surrounded by her family or a group of actors who she thinks is her family, never to awaken.
Voice, Aug 17 2006


       ...along with Aunt Ethel, who simply couldn't resist the chocolate dessert.   

       Humane euthanasia - now there's an oxymoron. I think you just want her money.
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       Somehow I don't think Voice is in the market for this as a consumer.
jutta, Aug 17 2006

       Why not set loose a serial killer in her ward? *lol*
thepowerofone, Aug 17 2006

       Actually, why don't they feed a death row inmate liquor before killing him? This sounds very humane to me. One bottle of bourbon, issued to him ounce by ounce, and three hours later he's lying collapsed on his cell bed, and wouldn't wake up if you injected him or electrocuted him or anything else.
phundug, Aug 17 2006

       rc: this appears to be an idea for a service combining those things, which may well be novel. It's certainly not Widely Baked in the US.
DrCurry, Aug 17 2006

       would the old people know they were being poisoned? This might be nice, i know how painful it is to watch someone cling to their life, undergoing all sorts of painful indignities which make it seriously not worth living.
excitations, Aug 19 2008

       The old person would not know. Thats the whole point. She would agree to the program, and then several "relatives" would happen to visit about the same time and take her out to dinner. She need not be informed about the method of death, just that she is committing delayed suicide by proxy.
Voice, Aug 19 2008

       I quite like the idea, I just think that if that's how you choose to go, you should also know when it's going to happen. And have signed something.
wagster, Aug 19 2008


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