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Stow Away Car

Attaches to the underside of a semi-trailer.
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This vehicle could be driven under a semi-trailer, and then it would secure itself and lift it's wheels up off the ground.

The vehicle would be relatively short and low to the ground so that it can fit underneath a semi-trailer. It would have probably four hydraulic clamps on the top (one near each corner). The clamps would be able to raise and lower to attach to the trailer, and the wheels would also be able to raise and lower so that they wouldn't be in contact with the the ground. The clamps could have a suspension system connecting them to the vehicle so that the ride on the trailer would be smoother.

The clamping system could be computer controlled with some type of automatic positioning system, so that all you would have to do is press a button.

The vehicle could also be equipped with radar or lidar so that it can sense where the truck's wheels and those other things are, and brake or accelerate automatically so that the vehicle doesn't hit the truck.

There could be some sort of wireless payment system so that the truck driver could be payed a small amount for transporting you and your vehicle (or you could just hope that the truck driver didn't notice you attach onto his trailer...).

This would be good for long road trips when you don't want to drive. It should also be more efficient for both you and the trucker.

BJS, Mar 17 2007

similar to this one? Parasitic_20Cars
[po, Mar 17 2007]


       Yes po, the main idea of the idea is similar to the linked idea, but on a larger scale.
BJS, Mar 17 2007

       I like the vision, and I wonder if this will spawn a little eco-system, with little 'Cleaner-Cars' that drive alongside?
Ling, Mar 17 2007

       I used to have a job at a loading dock. Have you ever tried to even walk under a semi? They're pretty darn low to the ground, and I'm not sure what kind of car would be able to fit under one. Just because you saw it in "The Fast And The Furious" doesn't mean it's possible in real life.   

       Other than being impossible, it's a pretty cool idea, and probably only slightly more dangerous than drafting behind a semi.
discontinuuity, Mar 17 2007

       I added radar or lidar to the idea.   

       I've never seen "The Fast And The Furious", but what is impossible about it?
BJS, Mar 17 2007

       Sorry [BJS], but you've even given your idea the same name and just added an 's'. More effort required.
wagster, Mar 17 2007

       You are incorrect, I was unaware of the linked idea when I posted this one.   

       And his has an s, not mine. If you are going to accuse me of something then at least do it right.   

       I changed the name of the idea, so you can't accuse me of that anymore.
BJS, Mar 18 2007

       There is something to be said for this idea. There are fundimental differences between big rigs and regular cars that makes this make sence overall.   

       When you think about These deisel moving machines were made for this. Your car has a millege life span of 200,000 miles. If I understand right a Tractor Trailer rig is just getting started at 2,000,000 miles.   

       Moving a lot of material in close proximity is more efficient. Just think what dirrection is the wind blowing under that trailer? If you give him the money you would have spent on gas otherwise you would probably both come out ahead If you have the technoligy to attach you probably have the technology to pick him up on a CB and negotiate a fair.   

       We are dealing with Pro drivers here with safety records and navigation skills that make the average driver look like the idiot they are. in a regular accident you are generally protected by more steal than you would want. I would say this is specialization and productivity, the cornerstone of wealth. I think parasite car owners would pay a lot more than the price of gas to close there eyes and snooze while a professional handles the situation.   

       I am familiar with a rule, I am not sure if it is just unions or what but Truck drivers at least of some variety are not allowed to pick up hitchhikers. If people are encapsulated however in such a manner that they cannot be a distraction to the driver or interfere, they could be considered freight. I imagine it would work much the same way that a train does with specified stops. This idea need not be malicious or dangerous. It is not like a driver doesn't inspect his rig and possess the ability to push the break and grab his crow bar and walk back to see what is going on.
MercuryNotMars, Mar 18 2007

       sense [MNM]
the dog's breakfast, Mar 18 2007

       tempting technology for the human import trade.
po, Mar 18 2007

       The problem here would be getting through the weigh stations.
RayfordSteele, Mar 18 2007

       It could get through weigh stations by firing rockets, of course. They would be off to the side to prevent pushing on the scale, but angled down just enough downward to hold the car up. And no, nobody would notice.   

       //I think parasite car owners would pay a lot more than the price of gas to close there eyes and snooze while a professional handles the situation.// Isn't that called a "train"?
Smurfsahoy, Mar 19 2007


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