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Strangler Figs and Other Crap Houseplants

frugivore dung seedlings
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- Yikes, I feel like a dung beetle bringing this home from the nursery.

- I guess because it’s a ball of dung, huh? Which did you buy? Mine is elephant feces with bush mango seeds in it. It feels like it’s warming up in the plastic already.

- I had a hard time choosing. They also had elephant dung with northern ilala palm and crap from giraffes, buffalo, kudu, baboons, birds and fruit bats. I ended up purchasing chimpanzee-processed strangler figs.

- It says here the plant seeds pass through their digestive tracts unharmed ready to germinate in the fertile feces. This is soo exciting!

- Yeah, and it also says that the potted poo should stand out on a patio, balcony or in an open window the first few weeks. No shit.

FarmerJohn, Mar 13 2005

Cart http://contrapunctu...047-dung-cart.3.jpg
Maybe this will aid mobility [skinflaps, Mar 13 2005]

Dung Coffee http://www.ravensbr...iles/kopiluwak.html
Coffee beans passed through a civet cat. [baconbrain, Mar 13 2005]


       Strange thing is, that this is what mostly happens at the end of the food chain.
skinflaps, Mar 13 2005

       <Eric Idle>"What's brown and sounds like a bell? Dunnggg!"</Eric Idle>
baconbrain, Mar 13 2005

       What's brown and sticky? A stick.
Basepair, Mar 13 2005

       "Sir, you can't bring that shit through customs."
"But, it's good shit."

       //it's good shit//   

       Falls off chair laughing, whenever has it been good shit?
skinflaps, Mar 13 2005

       Why just houseplants? Mr Hankey tomatoes would be delightful!
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 14 2005

       Would this work with things like onions? Imagine some animal trying to swallow that down.   

       Will the animals be harmed in the process of processing by being forced to eat too much?
froglet, Mar 14 2005

       [froglet] This is not a question of force-feeding but of gathering and conserving (to slow germination) natural dung from fruit-consuming exotic animals.
FarmerJohn, Mar 14 2005


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