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Street Bop

Bop music expressly for street performance
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Jazz is of course improvised, and is traditionally based on known chord changes and at least a "head" (melody played usu. at the beginning and end of the piece).

Street Bop, OTOH, is expressly for moving passers-by on the street, hearing it in short bursts, so there's not necessarily structure or flow to warrant stopping and listening. It's part of the urban environment. Ambient unstructured jazz. It's totally improvised and continuous as it wants to be, like a bird song. It gets its inspiration from snatches of conversation, the way someone looks and walks, car horns, and of course "just spontaneously".

Excellent musicians can do this in groups, but it's definitely easier solo.

syost, Jul 25 2000


       Good. As the new school comes primarily out of school training, jamming, ensemble, etc. in conjunction with lazy programming instead of the mix of that and sitting in with the old-timers that even a decade earlier existed somewhat-they've got to find flow. That's jazz-hearing it and feeling it in that exact moment and knocking it out of your soul so your soul can take you higher. Hey, if somebody else hears it-so be it. Found sound is incredible-if you let it be
thumbwax, Sep 21 2000


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