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Street View Baseball Cap

More wearable tech ...
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A baseball cap with integrated digital still cameras arranged radially so as to give overlapping fields of view covering 360 degrees.

The electronics package is built round the works out of a smartphone - accelerometers, GPS, 802.11, Bluetooth, 3G, flash memory, MP3 player, telephony.

The software corrects for inclination so that the images are always "straight and level". Location data can be tagged onto the images. Audio can be recorded.

Optional uplinking of image stream.

8th of 7, Oct 19 2014

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       OK, so you have the tech-savvy hillbillies and rednecks market share (that is to say, "...don't give up your day job...") --- but I wonder if the Borg has considered offering the same thing in a more traditional English Bowler Hat?   

       Oh, and BUN [+] (I have a soft spot for lost causes)
Grogster, Oct 19 2014

       i think maybe on the ball instead.
agent008, Oct 21 2014


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