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Stress Relieving HUD

Zap your road-rage away with this entertaining add-on!
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Does anyone remember a dashboard add on that made explosive and machine gun sounds? How about we take that one step further with a head up display?

Some of the new high end vehicles are coming out with HUD safety devices (GM Cadillac is what I'm thinking of here); It would be an easy add-on to install a "game" chip and some Nintendo style thumb pads to the steering wheel. This would allow you to "Zap" drivers, construction workers, animals, or other road hazards that have annoyed you while providing a simulated explosion or other image on your windshield (windscreen).

Boy! What a great stress reliever!

wasraw, Dec 20 2000

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Perhaps telling those stupid idiot drivers what you think would be better? [echeung, Dec 20 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       You know the parking break that sits next to the seat instead of under the steering wheel? Well, I just use that as my cannon and I blast people out of my way. But the explosions would add that little bit of flavour I am missing. Great idea! To bad the visuals would get in the way of driving and you would probably have a wreck.
barnzenen, Dec 20 2000

       Aw, couldn't be much harder to concentrate with some transparent explosions in view than with a cuppa joe in one hand and the cell phone in the other . . .
wasraw, Dec 20 2000

       But a cuppa joe and a cell and some explosions, come on, thats just asking a bit too much. I still like the idea though.
barnzenen, Dec 21 2000

       I don't think this would be a good thing for the driver, but passengers could definitely pass the time with it. I used to pretend I was the gunner in my parent's car.
centauri, Dec 21 2000

       barnzenen: Well, maybe this will have to wait until you can "jack-in" to your car. Once you can drive without having to hold a steering wheel or cell phone, you can have more time for entertainment options . . .
wasraw, Dec 22 2000

       Clearly [?], then, we need hands-free targeting... perhaps the onboard computer could digitally analyze an image of The Road Ahead (TM) and automatically draw a targeting rectacle on the nearest bogey. Then the voice activated cannon ("BANG!") could fire the simulated air-to-air missile at the target. I would like the option to turn on GrislyGraphics(TM) which would show burning body parts flying from the explosion when I was particularly agitated...
crayfish, Dec 23 2000

       I *so* wanted this to refer to Housing and Urban Development.
hello_c, Dec 24 2000


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