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Strimmer Grenades

scythes weeds in dangerous or hard to reach places
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Strimmers are great for cutting down weeds, but there are always places where they simply cannot reach. This is where Strimmer Grenades take over.

The Strimmer Grenade looks totally harmless cricket ball, with a groove running around its perimeter. This groove contains the high tensile cable, which rotates rapidly on deployment, slicing through all soft materials with which it comes into contact.

The ball itself encloses a powerful miniaturised motor, which will run at high speed for a burst of ten seconds, after which it must be placed back on its induction charger, where its already fully charged companion awaits for immediate deployment.

Strimmer Grenades are easily retrieved from the weedy depths of their destructive path using a strong magnet on the end of a telescopic pole. (we think of everything)

Note 1: The motion of the Strimmer Grenade can be chaotic and totally unpredicable, meaning that heavy protective clothing like a chain mail suit should be worn at all times when using.

Note 2: Strimmer Grenades are NOT to be tossed into rooms full of miss-behaving noisy macho drunks, who won't otherwise respond to reasonable requests to be quiet.

xenzag, Jun 04 2013

Strimmer Head http://www.trueshop...qy7cCFYXMtAodFnQArA
[xenzag, Jun 04 2013]


       Planar explosives?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 04 2013

       Follow the bouncing ball! With binoculars from at least a kilometer away. After having given myself welts with a regular string trimmer line, through my denim pants, that is the closest I would want to get to a strimmer grenade! Scary!
AwarmRay, Jun 07 2013

       You could adapt existing bouncing-betty technology and these things would just spring up out of the ground with no warning, like those ambush sprinkler systems. It won't be long before they develop swarming behavior. _That's_ scary.
Alterother, Jun 07 2013


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