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Strip Mall Delivery

A strip mall in which all the stores chip in to provide a delivery service.
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We've all ordered out for pizza, Chinese, groceries, prescriptions or whatever. Instead of each store providing their own delivery service, why not have a strip mall where each store agrees to support a common delivery service? That way, when you call to have your antibiotics delivered, you can tell them to also bring out two videos, a pizza with mushrooms, a quart of Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream, a pack of cigarettes, a pound of coffee and, oh yeah, a pack of toilet paper. Each store would absorb that percentage of the cost of the delivery that was attributable to their store. The customer's happy, the stores are happy, and the delivery drivers are happy.
Furthur, Dec 24 2000

Kozmo http://www.kozmo.com
Deliver almost anything you want in an hour. [blahginger, Dec 24 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Can I just live where it's all there, all the time?
reensure, Dec 28 2000

       They had a service something like this in Atlanta,GA a few years back, mostly geared towards restaurants...
eventi, Dec 28 2000

       Get a work-at-home job on your computer (or two or three; yer gonna need the assets), open a bank account online, get direct deposit, get a form-filler bot to order your regulars, strap yourself to the toilet, computer-at-hand of course, and never leave the house again! The doctor toilet could send you emails if any health issues ever arose, and you could order a doctor in, right alongside your bacon-burger pizza. Optional upgrade to full-time VR and 3dOS available at pricewatch.com in the near future. woohoo!
absterge, Dec 28 2000


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