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Strip Risk

Perfect for non drinking Bachelor parties
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Every time you lose a country you lose an article of clothing. Every time you win a country you put something else on. At the end of the game everyone is naked except for one person who has on EVERYONE'S clothes.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 22 2006


       //non drinking Bachelor parties//   

       Sorry, I'm incredulous.   

       I'll just sit here stunned for a moment.
Laimak, Feb 22 2006

       interesting... so this is an all blokes' night and the *aim* of the game is to get naked, except for the winner.. and all of this will be without alcohol ? I can only admire your thinking outside the box.
neilp, Feb 22 2006

       A bachelor party does not need to be all male.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 22 2006

       [Laimak] Some people have a religious aversion to alcohol.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 22 2006

       Yet no objection to hiring strippers to play risk with?   

       Heh, there's nothing wrong with the idea in general, it's just very...particular.
Laimak, Feb 22 2006

       I don't want to play with that guy who does weird things to his knickers so that he gets to wear the same pair for a month...
po, Feb 22 2006

       Risk, being a game about power and war and, most of all, dice, has the characteristics necessary for it to be popular with that subset of society that is usually termed "spoddy boys & blokes." Consequently, it is difficult to read the idea without visualising neilp's statement of the state of the parties at the end of the game; a naked cluster of milk-white chubby men, of varying degrees of hairiness, each shivering in the aircon breeze, each looking enviously at the rapidly pinkening face of the victor, which sits, smug and sweating, atop a styleless woolly spheroid. And I am not sure that that is a good thing.
calum, Feb 22 2006

       [calum] - and no one has the excuse "I was really drunk"
hippo, Feb 22 2006

       What Laimak said. I don't even want to think about this.
DrCurry, Feb 22 2006

       I thought this was about crossing borders.
bristolz, Feb 22 2006

       [bristolz] Only the one between sanity and all that lies beyond.
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 22 2006

       "Are you making a strategic retreat?"
"Oh, you betcha!"

       You can also play Risk drunk.   

       Might need to purchase another board etc. for each party. And clean the swimming pool filter of dice and game pieces.
popbottle, Aug 15 2015

       No alcohol [-]   

       Also an element of strategy: Wearing a particularly uncomfortable suit, for example a hairshirt or, when playing with less secure people, kink or lingerie may offer a significant advantage.   

       Ooh, what if you wear glasses that largely obscure your vision? Not being used to them the victor would have a much harder time staying ahead.   

       Also unless you want to walk home in clothes soaked in someone else's sweat (or even blood depending on how extreme the clothes are) you would be wise to bring a post- game change of clothes.   

Voice, Aug 16 2015


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