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Stripper chits

Print chits and entice strippers with them
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The usual process of enticing strippers has several significant problems for the nightclub involved.

1: People feel the pain of cash more than credit.

2: With cash it is often difficult to discern the denomination without some inspection, and that inspection can't be easily done by a stripper moving rapidly about.

3: Patrons can easily run out of cash.

The solution to this problem is credit chits. These would be pieces of paper of different size and color depending on the value and/or VIP status of the patron. They would be made difficult to copy, purchasable by credit card from a machine right there in the room, and impossible to sell back. Chits also have the advantage of being printable at no cost by the club. Patrons willing to foot the cost of becoming a Special Member (and any police that need bribing) could have VIP-only specially colored chits.

The chits can be traded in for cash (by staff only) at the end of the night.

Prostitution laws may be by-passable this way too since there is (possibly) no exchange of cash involved. The nightclub can say "we don't track our chits, and the patrons can barter on their own" and the patron can say "I didn't pay her anything! I just gave her a present"
Voice, Jul 29 2008


       who has a bar code reader? cover her in credit card swipe machines.   

       if that isn't a fetish, it'll be one.
mylodon, Jul 29 2008

       //Prostitution laws may be by-passable this way too since there is (possibly) no exchange of cash involved. //   

       Nice try. When I was an assistent DA they wanted one of my colleagues to prosecute a girl who was paid for her services with a pack of cigarettes and a fried chicken box dinner.   

       My colleague balked, just as she did when they wanted to prosecute a deaf mute girl who would advertise by making oral sex motions and then holding up all ten fingers.   

       They really were a bunch of jackals.
nomocrow, Jul 29 2008

       // They really were a bunch of jackals //   

       It must grind you down, having to spend your working days dealing with low-life scum like that.   

       Pimps, prostitutes, paedophiles and drug dealers must be a breath of fresh air by comparison.   

       PS We REALLY like [HegelStone]'s bar-code idea .... we can read them with our head-mounted lasers .....
8th of 7, Jul 29 2008


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