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Styrofoam Pizza Box

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Pizza boxes are regularly shaped, come in 3-4 standard sizes and are made of cardboard. But they're useless once the pizza is eaten; they have to be awkwardly folded up and put in the recycle bin.

Used styrofoam packaging would be arguably useful as insulation or padding, but the pieces you get, which have been used to cushion consumer products inside their box, are all irregularly shaped: they require a hot wire to shape to a regular thickness, and there's pieces left over which are just garbage.


Pizza boxes made of styrofoam would not only conserve the heat of a fresh pizza for a longer time than cardboard, but could be made of a consistent thickness: the sides taped to the bottom and top for ease of dissasembly.

The 'za eater either uses them for their own purposes or contributes them to a charity for reuse as insulation.

FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2011

Surely the best way to ensure that more food stays hot it simply to have more food in your pizza box? http://blog.23x.net...s-a-munchy-box.html
[calum, Aug 09 2011]

//heated metal plate// http://www.rediheat.com/
[mouseposture, Aug 10 2011]


       At a melting point of 240C, that's not much of a worry.   

       But yes, bulk shipping cost would be greater when volume is an issue.
FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2011

       styrofoam for food packaging [-]
pocmloc, Aug 08 2011

       Cardboard soaked in grease burns so beautifully ... watch the flames lick, twist and dance ... [-]
8th of 7, Aug 08 2011

       i'm not sure the move _from_ paper _to_ plastic is the right direction.
seanbo, Aug 08 2011

       Cellulose foam ?
8th of 7, Aug 08 2011

       You're not supposed to nuke styrofoam. [-]
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2011

       I think reusing greasy styrofoam for anything is a recipe for rats to show up. What rat would not want to chew out a snug home from greasy and cathartic styrofoam?
bungston, Aug 08 2011

       Cardboard boxes store more compactly--in flat bales in the store before being assembled for delivery (oh, gods, the hours I have spent "making boxes").   

       Cardboard boxes are stronger than styrofoam, for volume, cost and weight.   

       Cardboard boxes with grease stains should not be put in the recycling.
baconbrain, Aug 08 2011

       What [BB] said, plus 21Q, there is no heated metal plate, they are in the hot bags alone. If they are REALLY old school then they are in a hot box heated with sterno, but I haven't seen those in decades. The correct material is corrugated cardboard. It is more expensive to ship and store and cut my fingers when I make the boxes, but the extra rigidity plus the extra insulation is worth it. That is why Domino's is so popular.   

       And trust me I speak from experience as I delivered pizza/subs/chicken for over 8 years from a dozen different places. Look at the Domino's box, it what his master's thesis was based on. He didn't get his master's, but the joke is on them. The design was then copied by all the chains.
MisterQED, Aug 09 2011

       Corrugated plastic machine washable, returnable (deposit?) pizza box. You just give it to the driver when they deliver the next one.
MechE, Aug 09 2011

       My pizza place does that, but the box still seems to get greasy. (They put a little circle of cardboard under the small, and that does keep the box clean).
MechE, Aug 09 2011

       In the halfbakery, even the person who claims expertise on **pizza delivery** is challenged by another who claims greater expertise.
mouseposture, Aug 10 2011

       Happy to say that I've never delivered a pizza.   

       Maybe you could put them inside a toaster that flies somehow...
RayfordSteele, Aug 10 2011

       [21], I imagine quite a bit of BS is involved in claims filing. Why restrict yourself to just one?
Alterother, Aug 10 2011


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