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the pizza frisbee

Frozen pizza packaged in a super-cool frisbie
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Kids love the pizza! Kids love the frisbie! Its good for the environment becaue you dont have to pit that peice of cardboard under the pizza, instead, you put a frisbie.
abe03, Mar 08 2004

Wikipedia: Frisbie Pie Company http://en.wikipedia...Frisbie_Pie_Company
You realize that you're going, erm, full circle here? [jutta, Mar 20 2009]


       [abe03] I've spotted a theme to your ideas thus far. Take one thing that's loved. Take another. Combine them.   

       <Fast Show> You love peas, you love cheese .... you'll love cheesy peas! </fs>
jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2004

       Frozen? I'm disappointed - from the title, I had the image of slackers spinning steaming hot pizzas across the campus.
DrCurry, Mar 08 2004

       The Pizzee for short ? uggh the comercials alone would drive me too the clock tower with my trusty Sniper Rifle
slapdash loser, Mar 08 2004

       //slackers spinning steaming hot pizzas across the campus// Aw jeez, pizza's stuck on the roof again! Get a ladder...   

       Hmmmm... I *have* heard to use an upside-down brand-new Frisbee as a plate for young children because the rim can help to scrape food onto the fork, something to push against.
spacecadet, Mar 08 2004

       Cool, but too impractical for my croissant.   

       A+ for effort, though.
disbomber, Apr 06 2005

       Made from sprayed paper pulp in a form (like egg cartons) this tray would be great! It keeps sauce and crumbs and melted cheese from making it to the bottom of your oven but could make really functional frisbee.   

       Cheese heated and cooled would reinforce the paper edge to make frisbee stronger.   

       Dogs would chase and eat too quickly though.
subflower, Aug 09 2005

       and add different pictures to make it a collectible for the kids (you want them to want more then 1 frisbee). Different approach: do we need cardboard at all? as soon as its frozen, it will support itself won't it?
nutty professor, May 16 2008

       [+] even though I'm concerned about melting the frisbee when the pizza is cooked.
sninctown, May 16 2008


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