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Subscription Atlas

Up-to-date maps sent to you automatically
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Has Fredistan just become the Democratic Republic of Bob, rendering your lovely new atlas obsolete? With the Updateable Atlas, you'll never look geopolitically foolish again. Its handy ring-binder format means it's the last map book you'll ever need - if a country changes its name, or annexes its neighbour, or has its airports renamed by some invading army, we'll send you the up-to-date pages immediately.

BUT WAIT! Order now, and we'll also send you the Subscription A-Z for the city of your choice - new buildings, reclaimed land, and just-constructed housing estates need flummox you no more.

THAT'S NOT ALL! We'll also throw in an attractive dry-wipe tabletop Globe - mark it with places you've visited, or just have fun planning world domination!

All this for only £39.99, plus £5.00 per year for map updates.

friendlyfire, Apr 30 2003

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       A couple of years ago I bought a globe that came with an offer to sign up for updates (the housing stays the same), but it was pretty expensive.
beauxeault, Apr 30 2003

       Won't matter in the long run as your (digital) atlas will update itself via a wireless connection, but this is okay for now.
phoenix, Apr 30 2003

       I forget. Where do I file Lithuania? (+)
Shz, Apr 30 2003

       Until digital maps and in-car GPS route planners aren't a horror to use, I'll stick with paper maps - also, they're easier to use when deducing the route you just took round all those little villages.
friendlyfire, Apr 30 2003


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