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Travel time map

Effective distance between two places
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Given a start location, generate map with a color shading showing all areas within 15 minutes driving time, 30 minutes, an hour, etc. Start location is necessary in order to be able to mark out the regions. (Depends on having average speed data for all streets.)

Alternatively, a map where the streets are color coded according to average speed one can maintain. Use a spectrum from red to green, for example, then you can evaluate alternative routes based on the combination of length and color. This eliminates the start location bias.


- Need to know how you are traveling. Motorcycles will be faster than cars under some circumstances.

- Certain locations are not reachable by motorized vehicles.

- Speed can depend on departure time as well as direction of travel.

- Speed is altered by weather conditions and obstructions (construction work, accidents, parades, drawbridges, idiots, etc).

- Data collection is difficult. You need to figure in stop lights, stop signs, traffic calming devices (speed bumps, barriers), railroad crossings, etc.

CheapTalk, Jul 30 2004

Time Travel Map http://www.dvd.com/...&productnumber=6161
[DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       You would be surprised what kind of maps your local police force has!
gnomethang, Jul 30 2004

       this might be simpler than you make it out to be. in the u.s. at least all streets have posted legal speed limits. driving legally, this will turn out to be rather close to your average speed you can "maintain." simply color the map with different colors based on the speed limit.   

       i think most mapping software takes this into account. as for the rest the data would need to be real time to account for accidents, weather, rush hour etc. your idea doesn't really address how this might be done.
xclamp, Jul 30 2004

       In the UK all streets have a designated speed limit too. In fact the statutory speed limit on a motorway is 70mph. BUT they restrict this in peak times on the London Orbital (M25) from 40 to 60 mph at peak times. It is very galling to be told that the speed limit is 60mph when you are in a queue doing 20mph!
gnomethang, Jul 30 2004

       awwww, I thought this had something to do with time travel, and the need for a map, anyway+
swimr, Jul 30 2004

       I'd argue that posted speed limits only give you a first approximation. Travelling ten blocks where you have to stop for cross traffic versus travelling ten blocks where you don't gives you different speeds even if the posted speed limits are identical.
CheapTalk, Jul 31 2004

       If only there were some way to synchronize all the traffic lights through a relationship. As long as you honored the speed limit, you'd never get stuck at an intersection. Of course you're still going to get broadsided by someone who isn't paying attention, but at least you'd feel you'd gotten somewhere.
Ander, Jul 31 2004

       The Travel Time Map feature for driving a car could be added to just about any mapping program by running n number of sample queries given a starting location. Then color a map with the data. The computer time needed would grow exponentialy as the mapped area increased.   

       All of the listed difficulties are just the same variables that existing mapping programs struggle at with some success.   

       Time Bandits is not what I would call Gilliam's best work, assuming that his work can be called work.
Laughs Last, Jul 31 2004

       You don't think directing a movie is work?
jutta, Aug 01 2004

       If you think it isn't, guess again. I've worked for one & played poker with two. Long, busy, *involved* headache-filled months without pause, not just *during* production, but (what I call [wIc]) pre-pre, pre-, post and [wIc] post-post. Can be unhealthy.
thumbwax, Aug 01 2004

       If I am enjoying the thing which I am doing, I can hardly call it work. Sure, energy was expended, and time spent. But it wasn't laborious. I choose to believe that Terry Gilliam had a great time directing that movie, and that he enjoys what he does.
Laughs Last, Aug 01 2004


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