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Subway shunter doors

Move in! Make way!
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Who is that man who stands by the door in my way? Who is the woman with an air conditioner on a push-cart? It must be their stop next since they block all doors. I, the polite commuter aware of limited space have slipped deep into the car. But how will I ever get out? How?

The solution is the "shunter doors" Certain doors open only at certain stops—you may move from section to section when the train is in motion.

Now you must move deeper in to the car and away from my door—if you ever wish to leave…

A computer will make this work so that people are sorted in to equally crowed cars based on the most and least used stops.

futurebird, Jan 31 2004


       One of the problems with the BART system in SF is there are not enough doors per car. The predictable result is, at busy stations the trains have to dwell for ages while people jostle on and off. So at busy stations/times of day, not opening some doors would probably not be feasible.   

       Also, how do I know which door to go to for my station? Heaven forbid I am in a wheelchair.
schwong, Feb 01 2004

       People in wheelchairs hardly ever take the subway due to the steps-- only a few stations have elevators. You which door from expereince-- just the same as you start to learn when the express runs local and when not to go to 145th st.
futurebird, Feb 01 2004

       fb: Um, that's me...I thought you took the E or F, not the 4/5/6?
DrCurry, Feb 01 2004

       I take the A train.
futurebird, Apr 09 2004


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