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Sunflower Seed Feeder

for humans
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I buy sunflower seeds that are already shelled. As I ‘feed’ these into my mouth, I am always spilling them everywhere around myself; floor, desk, lap, etc. I suppose I could use a spoon, but how about packaging them in a cardboard, funnel-shaped box with a ‘tip to mouth’ dispenser? There could be a small divider that sections off ‘just a mouthful’ to prevent too much from pouring into one’s mouth. The bottom would be flat, and the funnel could be pyramidal, making it easy to grip.
xandram, Jan 17 2006


       Like an optic (as used for spirit measures) but for things like seeds? Or or one of those sugar dispensers that you get in cafés? ...bit simply engineered into a box and therefore disposable with the box. (Would also work for nuts, of all kinds, raisins etc).   

       The only trouble I see is people choking on the nuts, raisins or seeds so dispensed ar they tip their heads back and accidentally inhale.
st3f, Jan 17 2006

       Where I come from boxing up nerds is illegal without a hunting license and a cage with an internet connection
miasere, Jan 17 2006

       I guess I should have added a box of gerbils to clean up after myself!
xandram, Jan 17 2006

       This would be a great attachment for my grape feeder, which also fans, kisses, and says nice things.
Shz, Jan 17 2006

       If you take that "just a mouthful" funnel, and instead of draining it from the bottom, just invert it over/in your mouth.... well, isn't that a spoon?   

       [+] but good idea, as "pinching" squirts them around, spoon would be tooooo dorky, and damn good annos (esp. by miasere)
sophocles, Jan 18 2006

       Yes, I love all the annos. True, [soph] spoon way tooo dorky and ooooooo [Shz] kisses and says nice things? yummmmmmm!
xandram, Jan 18 2006

       I have this same problem with my nuts... err.. umm.. i mean.. aww.. skip it. Anyhow I like it. I am always spilling my favorite snacks in the car while driving. Raisins, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. My mom always scolded me for "drinking" the nuts out of the container telling me that I will choke. So even if I pour them in my hand, its still worth it to me.
Jscotty, Jan 19 2006


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