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Sunglasses Hat

Hat Sunglasses
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A peaked hat, with lenses inside the peak that you can fold down and snap into place over your eyes. No frames needed, and the lenses can be replaced with any coloured or prescribed lenses you desire.
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

(?) How very odd. http://images.googl...0%26hl%3Den%26lr%3D
I wonder who's idea it was to begin with? [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 14 2005]

Straw hat with green visor http://www.outdoorc...cument%26AutoFramed
Hard to find, unless you look for a tractor in Delaware. [moPuddin, Aug 15 2005]

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       Find me a picture of these shades, I wish to see them.
quaero curvus, Aug 14 2005

       You couldn't at least make it easy and link me. Well, I looked, and I couldn't find any.
quaero curvus, Aug 14 2005

       Straw hats with green transluscent brims are popular with tractor drivers, at least around here. They can tilt the brim down and look through it, as well as being able to see overhead obstacles. (link)
moPuddin, Aug 15 2005


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