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It is a glider that is used more commonly
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There is a hang glider with lots of little tiny engines on the back. It has an emergency glider which will come off if you are crashing, and that emergency glider will have another emergency one.

There are four modes, one is named ‘pilot’ in which you get to control where it’s going instead of just leaning into where you want it to go. In pilot mode there is a robot helmet that goes on your head while you are sleeping and reads where you want to go and takes you there. The second mode is called ‘easy’ which makes it quite a lot easier for you to lean where you go. And ‘medium’ which keeps it on about average of flying. And then there’s ‘hard’ which makes it quite a lot harder for if you’re very good.

The glider has a safety glove which is attached to it and to you, so if your arms are really tired you can let go and the safety glove will be holding you (and the robot helmet can be driving you). The safety glove will be made out of metal and will hang on with a really strong metal chain. When you need to go back up a robot arm will fetch you.

Then there are little emergency flying bots so that if your glider won’t land you can send out the bots and they will tell the council what is happening and they will send someone to get you. There are twelve of these little bots, if they get destroyed they have automatic little baby bots and these baby bots can also have little baby bots. Each one has three little baby bots. It carries on like this until someone has eventually destroyed thirty-six little bots, but the last twelve carry little guns on their wings so they won’t die easily.

crash, Mar 22 2006

Cheep emergency flying bot suggestion. http://www.flyabird.com/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 23 2006]


       Excuse me, are you high?   

       (Edit, having seen [crash]'s profile page: No, just possessed of an extremely vivid imagination.)
david_scothern, Mar 22 2006

       /they will tell the council/   

       That dang Council! Last time I sent my baby bots to ask them for help, they charged me $88 and confiscated the little ammo from the ones with little guns! I wound up using both my emergency gliders and landed in a sewage treatment plant anyway. I programmed my robot arm to slap some sense into me the next time I think about whining to the Council.
bungston, Mar 22 2006

       hi crash! are you dreaming or am I?
po, Mar 22 2006

       Go [crash] go!
You have my croissant, with little baby croissants (sans guns).
methinksnot, Mar 22 2006

       Look, I know that this was propably meant as a joke but [marked–for-deletion] Magic anyway.
the fiddler, Mar 23 2006

       //you can send out the bots and they will tell the council what is happening and they will send someone to get you.//   

       More than I can say for the refuse collection.
skinflaps, Mar 23 2006

       I want a glider that is used more royally.   

       Bone for bots.
baconbrain, Mar 23 2006

       Wow. I have no words. Got nothing, let me think...   

       Oh, I know- bun! I only wish I could think like this, completely unfettered by 'reason'. 'Reason' being what the man tells you believe. Push on [Crash]!
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 24 2006

       Where is your sense of fun [the fiddler]? Isn't this the kind of think you would have thought a great invention when you were younger?   

       Does that I found \\they will tell the council what is happening and they will send someone to get you\\ the least plausible part of this idea make me a cynic?   

       [+]. Good to see you around here [crash]. Keep up the good work. Your ideas list is putting mine to shame right now.
hidden truths, Mar 24 2006

       [crash]'s latest work is a clever metaphor for the frustration land and homeowners feel when dealing with the bureaucratic intricacies of their local government processes. By naively stating that Council will send someone to get you, and purposefully ignoring additional charges or delays, he calls attention to the plight of hundreds of property developers trying to make their way in this world. A further twist is the representation of heavy handed litigation by the armed "bots" that, like determined principled citizens, do not die easily.
All in all another outstanding piece of work by this emerging baker. One to watch in the future.
methinksnot, Mar 24 2006

       [hidden truths] //Isn't this the kind of think you would have thought a great invention when you were younger?// what, one year ago?
the fiddler, Mar 27 2006

       [the fiddler], I think [crash] is about six or seven, not twelve.
methinksnot, Mar 27 2006

       [hidden truths] yep, yep and yep.
david_scothern, Apr 07 2006

       Hi Crash   

       I am an engineer. I used to dream about stuff like this all the time.(when I was a kid). I don't know how old you are but I you like math you might consider going in that direction. Most folks have a hard time thinking outside of the "box". You, on the other hand don't even know what a "box" is.   

       I give you a "Plus" for dreaming this up. (although you might consider a reality check every now and then)   

Willlie, Nov 16 2006

       Hi wille I am very good at maths but I think I will be a vet oh yeah! and methinksnot now I am nine but I still like the idear.
crash, Jul 10 2007

       Completely wacky, but very imaginitive. A fractal-iterative self-piloting motorized glider (is it really a glider if it's got a motor?) that has the potential to -not land-? I love it. Won't work, but don't let reality hamper your vivid imagination. Some of the best inventions have come from wacky, non-workable ideas, when someone said "that's cool, let's see if we can make it work".
Freefall, Jul 10 2007


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