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Super Browse Book

Book design that gets its point across in 10 seconds
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This would be a book design that would allow people to flip through a book in 10 seconds and get as much iinformation as possible. I was just at a book store and was thinking about how all the books are designed to tease you but not give you the really useful information unless you buy the book. So maybe this could be done for books in the public domain.

Cover would be designed so you COULD judge a book by its cover. Give away the big points on the cover. USE SIMPLE WORDS. Point number 3 of the Universal Design Principles is BE SIMPLE. Reduce all sentences to one line. Sentences that wrap are hard to get at high speed. Use as few words as possible. I am not following that principle now since I am thinking off the top of my head.

As I was flipping through my 100th book at the book store I realized I had the motion down to one 10 second fluid motion whereby I pick up the book, glance at the cover, skim the back, flip through the pages controlling the speed with my thumb and put it down all in about 10 seconds, and that I was mostly using pictures, titles and chapter headings to get the meaning out of the book. So what if the Chapter headings were biggest, and next biggest were sub chapter headings and next biggest were sub-sub-chapter headings on down -- to optimize the book for being read in 10 seconds.

Use the flip aspect of the book. The movie frame phenomena that happens when you flip through a book could be incorporated so that there was a moving picture aspect to it, while captions could flash by for a couple of pages each.

Haviing books like this would be much more interactive than a computer where choosing things is like feeling your way around the world with one finger. (choosing things with a mouse) Flipping through a book is a much more 3D experience. Maybe sound could be incorporated too -- maybe there is some way to shape the corners of the pages of the book so that when you flip through it that fluttering sound is molded into the sound of a recorded snippet, or melody -- ok thats a long shot.

I guess the basic thing would be optimizing a book so you could get the most out of it in 10 seconds and then giving a person a whole book store of these books to go through -- that would be a much more interactive experience than anything you could do on a computer screen.

JesusHChrist, Nov 17 2005


       Yeah but if I could get the most out of it in 10 seconds why buy it?
PollyNo9, Nov 17 2005

       I've got to ask myself this question: Should I spend more than 10 seconds reading this idea?
st3f, Nov 17 2005

       So the Bible would say..   

       BE GOOD

       in big letters on the cover, and then you wouldn't need to read it?
Minimal, Nov 17 2005

       And flipping the pages you would see Jesus...waving....
Minimal, Nov 17 2005

       People who have only ten seconds' worth of material shouldn't write a book. [-]
pertinax, Dec 07 2006

       It took more than 10 seconds to read this idea. Why didn't it just read "USE FEWER WORDS"? I could have read that in one second.
wagster, Dec 07 2006

       I think SIN with a slash through it would be quicker to take in than "AVOID SIN" which has two extra syllables.
phundug, Dec 07 2006


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