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Super capacitor Battery for cellphones

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Replace standard cellphone battery by super capacitor.
VJW, Jan 22 2011

NiMH Equivalent http://physicsworld.../article/news/44477
[MechE, Jan 22 2011]


       "Just about everything that is now powered by batteries will be improved by this much better energy supply. They can be made in most any size, from postage stamp to hybrid car battery pack. Their light weight and low cost make them attractive for most portable electronics and phones....."   

       Which is to say this is a pretty obvious use for the technology.   

       Nothing makes this idea novel, insightful or interesting.
baconbrain, Jan 22 2011

       Please to point me in direction of a supercap which rivals a battery (any battery) in the energy:weight region.
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2011

       Model airplanes frequently use super-caps instead of battery, weight being prime concern.
VJW, Jan 22 2011

       Whereas my phone battery is almost always flat.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2011

       So's your .... um, er ... something or other.
baconbrain, Jan 22 2011

       We call it a stomach here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 22 2011

       //my phone battery is almost always flat// That's because it's not in shape.
pocmloc, Jan 22 2011

       Um, "no original idea" ?
8th of 7, Jan 22 2011

       still waiting for somebody to show me a super-capacitor what's specific energy comes close to a battery.
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2011

       It looks like some lab production is getting up towards NiMH levels (see link), but still nothing to compare to Li+, and not in general production yet.
MechE, Jan 22 2011

       So far production seems to be at 1Wh/lb.   

       I'm a bit surprised(/disappointed) that we haven't seen them in hybrids yet... 100Wh is enough to accelerate/decelerate a 2 ton vehicle to/from 40mph (give or take reality tax).
FlyingToaster, Jan 22 2011

       "Hi, Bob. How's life at the cellphone design works?"   

       "Pretty good, Biff, except for our constant search for more battery life. How's life in supercapacitor battery R&D? "   

       "Still constantly looking for new markets for our products, and I tell you, it's tough sledding some days."   

       "Heh. I'm always on the lookout, day after day, reading up on energy storage methods and advances, brainstorming, conferring, trying to keep our phones the best in this competitive world."   

       "And I keep my eyes on emerging technologies, looking for niche markets for our supercapacitor batteries. It's tough work. Sometimes I dream of finding some huge market for electrical storage, something that everybody needs and uses, but that has somehow been overlooked."   

       "Something right under our noses, you mean?"   

       "Yeah, within our grasp ... hey, gotta go. This phone battery is going flat."   

       "Woops, mine too, just as I was about to look at the Halfbakery. See ya."   

       "'Bye, B ...."
baconbrain, Jan 22 2011

       They're being considered for LED flash guns - such as the ones found in cameras. Imagine a camera that can only produce one flash. Would be a bit naff.
saedi, Jan 23 2011

       //They can be made in most any size, from postage stamp to hybrid car battery pack.//   

       A cell phone powered by a car battery would win my vote. Especially if you managed to hide the sloshing, acid filled thing in your hat.
ldischler, Jan 23 2011

       <starts sketching design for iTaser on back of envelope>
8th of 7, Jan 23 2011


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