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Superhero and Supervillain Name Registration Office

"No, I AM...The Tick!!!"
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When individual superhero and supervillainism becomes possible through technology, genetic tampering or other, a name registry should be set up, much like how many Hollywood celebrities secure their domain names today.

This would avoid confusion and conflict if two or more heroes want to be called "Rail Gun Man" or such, as only one could operate with that name.

The registry would also allow a hero/villain to register other names and nicknames. For example, Batman could also register variations such as "The Batman" or "Bat-Man", as well as other used names like Caped Crusader or Dark Knight.

mrkillboy, Dec 13 2000

a day at the office [hob, May 17 2009]

identifying characteristics [hob, May 17 2009]

Superhumans and Villains Registry for a Netbook http://powergame.tripod.com/pforcesub.htm
This was as close as I could come to an actual registry although the deadlines for submission has passed now. It was for the free PowerGame role-playing game.. [Aristotle, Dec 13 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(???) Hero Registry http://www.capehq.org/registry.html
This could be it ... [Aristotle, Dec 13 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Masked Judges http://www.halfbake...dea/Masked_20Judges
The reason I found the Hero Registry link. [Aristotle, Dec 13 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

http://www.cityofheroes.com/ The commercial massively multiplayer game mentioned by [Enjoyer]. You'll need Javascript enabled for this. [jutta, Dec 01 2004]

world superhero registry http://www.worldsuperheroregistry.com
A real-life superhero community resource and Registry. [KEVLEX, Apr 03 2006]

Superuseless! http://superuseless.blogspot.com/
Useless superpowers, illustrated. [jutta, Jan 22 2009]


       Of course, then that whole secret identity thing would be out the window with a simple "whois" search...
PotatoStew, Dec 13 2000

       Not neccessarily. Submissions would probably be done by a third party or anonymously and the registry be used as a list to see what Superheroes/villains are out there.   

       For example, there is a new hero called Wire-Fu Man. His name would be submitted to the registry. if someone else wanted to be Wire-Fu Man, they would see that the name has already been taken and they would have to find an alternative.   

       Anyway, if someone dedicated all their time to be a superhero or villain, would there be any real need for a secret identity?
mrkillboy, Dec 13 2000

       yay!! this is the best idea!! since I am the original batgirl.
batgirl, Dec 13 2000

       Ooh! Oooh! I'm Mr. Pow!!
AfroAssault, Dec 14 2000

       So the first step on the rung to super villainy would be to not register your name?
DrBob, Dec 14 2000

       No, the first rung of supervillainy is to namesquat the hero registry.
bookworm, Dec 14 2000

       "Evil villian! Your attempt to capture the SHV Name Registry Offices will fail, for I [cannot legally reveal name while SHV Name Registry Offices have suspended their services] will overthrow you, oh Master of [adjective unable to be used for reasons above]"   

       Should those legal comments be in some sort of rhyming scheme, for the sake of Poetic Legalese?
Detly, Dec 14 2000

       Look, if you're going to libel somebody. Don't mess with my name. It's been registered. Got it?
Wire-Fu Man, Dec 16 2000

       Anybody remember the episode of "The Tick" called "The Tick vs. The Tick"? (Noted for the phrase, "You're called the Tick? Barry's not gonna like that!", and "The Mad Bomber what bombs at midnight")
mwburden, Dec 16 2000

       I believe the title of this thread alludes to that episode, so yes, there are those of us that remember.   

wasraw, Dec 16 2000

       "And now I, WireFuMan_42, shall defend the city!"
Malakh, Dec 17 2000

       it definitely would alleviate some confusion- but there could be a problem with defining a super hero or villain- someone could register the name "Waffle Man" and do nothing while someone else comes along, actually using waffles somehow and the name has been taken by a useless slug. There would have to be some sort of verification and tracking process, to make sure that a real hero or villain is still working and still earns the nickname.
lego, Dec 17 2000

       Maybe the SHVNRO should have a rule where you can't cash in on the name of an existing hero/villain, so no alternate spellings (Wire-Foo Man), puncuation (Wire Fu Man), numbers (Wire-Fu Man II), or other (WiRe-fu Man, The Real Wire-Fu Man, Wire-Fu Guy) be allowed.   

       An opposite sex version would be allowed, but you must have some relationship with the activities and background of the original hero/villain.   

       You know, I just realised that future court cases featuring Superheroes and Supervillains are gonna be very strange indeed: ("Today on Judge Judy: Blue Balls Guy versus T&A Woman").
mrkillboy, Dec 17 2000

       The registry already exists, it's called the Library Of Congress, Copyrights Registration Office, but they won't let you in wearing that funny suit with pink jocky shorts worn over green tights, tempered steel anti-laser pointy bra and glowing fiberoptic hair piece with built-in anti gravity shield, not to say the gold shiffon cloak - kinky.
Jonathan, Dec 18 2000

       Yeah, Yeah. Sorry, I didn't see the subtitle until later...
mwburden, Dec 19 2000

       This reminds me a lot of the whole band-name fiasco that goes on in the music industry. As a college radio DJ, I'm pretty used to finding my favorite underground band having to change its name because of a major label band of the same or similar name. It actually happens pretty often. The Amazing Royal Crowns were sued by the Royal Crown Revue, and are now the Amazing Crowns. What normally happens is a band either changes its name, or adds a country to the end of it. For instance, Spring Heeled Jack changed its name to Spring Heeled Jack USA. There once were two bands named the Impossibles. Now one of them is Thee Impossibles. I think it takes something away from a name. But it's usable.   

       Possibilities include names such as Superman USA, the Flash Japan, or Wonder Woman Yugoslavia.
ShoutingMatch, Dec 19 2000

       Organizationwise, we really ought to discuss this rationally. Like, I mean, Peer Review and like that, you know? Registration - Can one simply assert one's Superhood, or can only one assert one's Superhood? Another procedural question, of course, would be Can Superhero Debate over an identity be other than Superhero Combat? I foresee categorical problems, since how can a Super Debate ever be resolved? How could an office like this exist and not be destroyed? I think this is a dangerous site. Its very existence is doubtful.
rfalv, Dec 19 2000

       Why can't they make do with something like number plates?
AndyKnott, Dec 19 2000

       To prevent the frivilous registration of names, parhaps it should be necessary to have your name verified by at least x number of rescued victims before it becomes official. If you stop saving lives, your name rights are revoked.   

       Dunno how it would work for villains.
Lirp, Dec 20 2000

       Maybe villains = news headlines.
mrkillboy, Dec 20 2000

       [Lirp] - I think some sort of sworn affadavit from those you have helped as to the degree and quality of your 'super-ness' would be a good idea.
It would also prevent the registration of mutually paradoxical superheroes, such as "Unstoppable Force Man" and "Immoveable Man".
hippo, Dec 20 2000

       Thanks everyone for your continued support!!!
mrkillboy, Dec 21 2000

       Fear not for the safety of the registry building, for I, Captain Bureaucracy, shall defend it stoutly! Able to disable even the strongest hero with a simple, three-part application form (plus pink and green copies, 2 independent references and credit search) - Bureaucracy never sleeps!
DrBob, Dec 21 2000

       If they ever get past The Receptionist, that is.
hippo, Dec 21 2000

       $70 for two years in the registry -- let's make some money off this :)
illya23b, Jan 04 2001

       Would we have different domain names -- like Mr. Pow, Ms. Pow, The Pow? Or would Supergirl have to change her name to avoid confusion with Superman?
arghblah, Jan 05 2001

       Note: Use of red cape, blue tights, and big red S, and word "Super" are in no way meant to imply Kryptonain heritage, imperviousness to physical harm, power in excess of a locomotive, ability to leap tall buildings, or bullet-surpassing speed.
centauri, Jan 05 2001

       What happens when superheroes from other countries want the same name as an American superhero? They aren't subject to the U.S. courts... so we could have a British Superman, a Pakistani Superman, a Canadian Superman, etc. This could be a problem:   

       "Help, Superman!"   

       "Who, me?"   

       "No, you."   


       "No, me!"   

       "No, him!"   

       "What was the question?"
RenegadeChopstick, Feb 13 2001

       I'm Spartacus!
goff, Feb 21 2001

       ...and so is my wife!
DrBob, Mar 12 2001

       My sister just nominated someone called Epidural Man. DrBob, does this handle sound familiar to you?   

       BiPolarBear_34, over & out ...
1percent, Mar 23 2001

       If a superhero had to rescue x victims before being able to register his super-name officially, surely this would mean that he would be doing unlicensed superheroing and could be subject to a hefty fine or even imprisonment?   

       Perhaps a budding superhero could start out his superlife in the same way that a child that you forget to name in The Sims does, only instead of being called Sim Child x, he would be Super Hero x until he has rescued the required number of victims, or vanquished the required number of supervillains that would grant him the right to register his real super-name.
CoolerKing, May 09 2001

       Watch out for that black guy named "Mr. Glass" with the bad haircut; I hear he likes to bomb trains. . . .
deacon, May 15 2001

       I suspect the more frugal super-villain would eschew the service with a fair amount of confidence by choosing a name of nominal appeal, i.e. The Bacon Smuggler or The Lice Wrangler.
The Military, Jun 16 2001

       RT and UB, you're both wrong. It was a verb both times, so the gynaes and SHs would have to undergo a lot of practising on cadavers before they could practise on real people. However, they could have practice sessions before opening their own professional Practice. Practice makes perfect, there's no substitute for making sure you've practised. (For anyone confused, substitute the noun/verb advice/advise and you'll never go wrong. I speak as a girl who did far too little piano practice in her youth, preferring instead to ponder the intricacies of spelling. Nerd.)
lewisgirl, Jun 16 2001

       To expand on this idea a little bit more, I'd suggest that the SHVNRO should as part of the application form give an extra page on which the applying super hero can (using the crayons provided) sketch the basics of his/her standard costume detailing the unique features of this costume to be patented.   

       This will unfortunatly cause the ever so popular impersonation episodes to fall away, and the registered superhero will thus never need to repair broken trust between him/her and the public caused by the "bad" WirE-Fu MaN_42.   

       Every superhero will only be allowed to register one official costume and not the "a.k.a costume" or casual wear. Or maybe a winter/summer version of the same costume, with allowed yearly/quaterly updates to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
thinck, Jul 18 2001

       lewisgirl, a.k.a "Spelling Girl"! Shining the light of true spelling into the lexical darkness, etc.
hippo, Jul 18 2001

       While searching for my Masked Judges idea I found a Hero Registry to which people can post superheroes and supervillains (see link).
Aristotle, Jul 20 2001

       Oh! (Aristotle's Link) - you found my love child by Vernon. Super-Paper-Writing Girl - seeks to rid the world of grammatical and spelling errors... and can turn out 10+ page papers in one weekend. (Did a student write that?!)
lewisgirl, Jul 20 2001

       Lewisgirl I think you are right that the hero registry was written by a student, total student humour!!
Monkeyboy2, Jul 31 2001

       Herewith my petition to register the name "Sorta Claus."
beauxeault, Dec 25 2001

       zippyanna - are you sure that was freakazoid because i was certain that it was daffy duck
chud, Feb 02 2002

       I am 'Run away from danger boy'
Del, Jan 11 2003

       I knew WireFuMan_42. WireFuMan_42 was a friend of mine. Halfbaker, you're no WireFuMan_42.
rowlycat, Jan 12 2003

       here with a huge bag of loose change to register :   

       'maintains a manly stance whilst not helping at all man.'
etherman, Jun 07 2004

       [chud], it was Freakazoid who had the Lord Bravery episode. I am a huge Freakazoid freak.
GenYus, Jun 07 2004

       This exact idea just became virtually baked with a new massively multiplayer online computer game called "City of Heroes". Players actually create a superhero to play in this game.   

       The opening of the game involves going through a superhero registration process.
Enjoyer, Jun 07 2004

       Silent Night. Very cool name.
DesertFox, Jun 07 2004

       hey <enjoyer> can you provide a link, I cant find it.
etherman, Jun 08 2004

       If WireFuMan_41 is killed by a dastardly villain, will WireFuMan_42 be promoted to fill his spot?
energy guy, Nov 30 2004

       Frustrated at finding Stormin' Norman already taken, I explore 43 variations [all taken], and wind up filing for [normzone].   

       Available for product endorsements, charity appearances, patrol duty and significant dependent. Partial to Lois Lane dark hair types, but open minded to any appropriate variation.
normzone, Dec 01 2004

       If I were to change my name by deed poll to Ronald McDonald, and I wanted to open a dirty pornographic bookstore with the name "Ronald McDonald's Dirty Porno Shack", would I then be liable to breeching the good name of McDonald's?
benfrost, Dec 24 2004

       [benf] - there is apparently a long running legal dispute between the McDonalds Corp. and a restaurant called "McDonald's" that has been owned and run for forty-odd years by Mr. and Mrs. McDonald. I don't think the McDonalds Corp. has won, despite numerous attempts, but I cannot find this on Google due to the staggering amount of court cases involving McDonalds that turn up.
wagster, Dec 24 2004

       I'm "Maceman," with or without "The" or "Mace," likewise with or without "The."   

       Long story.
Eugene, Dec 24 2004

       Heh, Heh, www.worldsuperheroregistry.com I don't know where the supervillians go though, perhaps FBI's Most Wanted?   

KEVLEX, Apr 03 2006

       Is there any place to register the fact that you are a regular hero, not a super one? I'm good, but I'm not super.
notmarkflynn, Apr 03 2006

       Perhaps a little set of checkboxes that say something like this:   

       Please explain super power(s) []Great strength
[]Great Speed
[]Booming Voice
[]Great Hair
[]Mattershifting/Energy Shifting (i.e. can become/make use another form of matter or energy See also: Kole, Human Torch)
[]Hirsute to the point of heroism/villainy
[]Can drive stickshift
[]Foreign accents
[]Great intellect
[]Soul possession
[]Mind control
[]Out-of-body soul control
[]Dimensional portals
[]Alien Species
[]Eye powers (including but not limited to x-ray, heat vision, focused light)
[]Breath powers (including but not limited to freezing air, water breath, acidic halitosis)
[]High metabolism
[]No need to breathe.
[]Strong Skin
[]Other (Explain) []None of the above.

       And so on. Level of hero/villain-ness would be determined by some sort of scoring model. "I'm sorry, Polarized Bear, you only qualify for local hero status."
shapu, Apr 03 2006

       I like the idea of a scoring model. This would be ideal when you need to score.
bungston, Apr 03 2006

       I bought a movie in China that said "Bond-007" in the title, and it turned out to be a propaganda film about the Bush Administration instead. I was so dissapointed. [+]   

       Geeze, these buns are delicious, but you do realize that eating to many of them will give you a stomach ache, right?
quantum_flux, Dec 13 2007

       Clowns have to register their makeup designs so maybe the supers could have a similar means of registration... (see http://tinyurl.com/clownface)
smendler, Jan 23 2009


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