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One sweet ass mint!
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I was talking with some friends and one said that she had put one of those Listerine brand breath strips on her dog's tongue. The question then was "did it help the dog's breath?" The answer? "No - he still licks his butt!"

Eureka! Why not make a pet suppository/breath mint and apply it right where the cat/dog is going to lick anyways? Quick melting so that it isn't defecated, but very viscous and sticky so that it isn’t immediately licked off, either.

No more cat/dog breath! But if I were you, I still wouldn’t let Fido lick your face...yuck.

Ichthus, Apr 11 2005


       Bad breath comes from halitosis, I thought, not from what you just ate/licked. Get your dog's teeth cleaned and see if that helps.   

       (You can now buy kibbles designed to clean your dog's teeth, so you might look for those.)
DrCurry, Apr 11 2005

       The application process seems a difficult sell. I suggest a double acting variety of the breath mint. Half of the mint dissolves immediately to give that fresh clean smell. The other half "goes through" to be re-ingested later by your dog (or your dogs playmate I suppose) whereupon it then reasserts it’s clean odor. An alternative would be to have the 2nd pass odor differ so you know when to not accept those moist doggy kisses. As a side note you can apply peanut butter to same posterior spot when leaving house to entertain puppy.
Widgit, Apr 11 2005

       There's this stuff called slurp n' fresh that you're supposed to add to the dog's water to freshen its breath. I'm not sure whether it works.
whippinggas, Apr 11 2005


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