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Wallpaper for fishtanks

Brighten up the lives and increase the privacy of your goldfish - wallpaper their fishtanks!
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Every day more and more goldfish are being diagnosed with GDD (Goldfish Depressive Disorder). The most common cause of GDD, according to Which? Goldfish magazine is the lack of privacy caused by the openness of fish tanks. The effects of GDD are obvious to the concientous goldfish owner, namely lack of smiling and constant swimming in circles, and the goldfish aren't too happy either! Now the problem is solved! Simply wallpaper your fish tank with new waterproof 'Wallpaper for Fishtanks'. Comes in a variety of designs including "Horny toad, Fish food yellow, Sexy octopuss, French sponge" at only $10 a roll (for 4x4 metre tank) or $20 for bigger tanks. Guaranteed to provide privacy and cosyness for the Goldfish of our hearts.

"It used to be like living in a goldfish bowl but not since my owners bough Wallpaper for Fishtanks, now it's like living in fish heaven!"

-- Rupert D Goldfish

ccaamgw, Jul 10 2000

PetSmart fishtank backgrounds http://www.petsmart...ounds/psearch.shtml
Like this? [phoenix, Jan 06 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Same from 'Big Al' http://www.bigalson...10337617.1010337617

Digital Wallpaper DVD http://digitalwallpaper.net
Music for Fish tanks [phoenix, Jan 06 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Digital Wallpaper DVD http://digitalwallpaper.net
Music for Fish tanks [nalex, Oct 17 2004]


       Yes... yes... I can see it, a rotating visata of delight to end those suicidal thoughts... and... bugger, caught slacking off on the company time... AGAIN!
harquin, Jul 12 2000

       It's not baked because this idea does not involve a back-drop but a completely enclosed, private fish tank. The only problem is that you would only be able to see the fish from an aerial view! It's to give fish a feeling of privacy!
ccaamgw, Jul 26 2000

       Maybe put a tiny little surveillance camera into one of the corners...
jutta, Jul 26 2000

       Or by use of a two way mirror (y'know, the type where it's a mirror when you look through it one way, but it's just glass if you look through it the other way)...?
ccaaajc, Jul 31 2000

       You mean "one way mirror"?   

       Actually, fish tanks are quite "reflective" on the inside, due to refraction ("total internal reflection"). By no means all of the tank is a mirror, but parts of it are. Divers can tell you that the surface of water seen from below is quite silvery...   

       There used to be a restaurant in Pasadena, CA (which may still be there for all I know) that had a huge, spherical fishtank embedded in the wall between the men's and women's bathrooms. It was set up so that both sides could see the fish, but neither could see each other because of refractive effects. (This was easily the best feature of this restaurant.) They fed the fish from above.
egnor, Jul 31 2000

       Fish tank between mens and womens bathrooms...they fed the fish from above. Yikes! What with?
Alcin, Aug 19 2000

       if fish have such short memories, are they really bothered about privacy.
po, Jan 06 2002

       You'd think it'd be easy to train them not to jump out of the tank and die on the floor...I never managed it.
StarChaser, Jan 08 2002


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