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Surreal Clothes Sizes

"I think you're going to need the Extra Aardvark in that one sir.....
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Instead of plain old boring sizes, why not add some spice, (not to mention a bit of a lottery) when ordering your clothes sizes?
This is an idea entirely sparked by Lazerlores post against the Extra Medium thread (see link). Laserlore gives us animal sizes (eg. SG, LG (Small Giraffe, Large Giraffe)) but why stop there??
Personally, I'd like to see clothes sized in an appropriate, but surreal, metaphor for each clothing type. Could be animal, but could be something else as well..
"That belt seems a little tight, sir, would you like to try the extra extra extra Anaconda in that one?"
"Madam seems to be spilling out of that one, I think your'e going to need the Jeraboam..."
"I think those jeans are a little long .. perhaps you'd like to try the skinny half-caf instead??"
goff, Jun 14 2001

Extra Medium Clothes Sizing http://www.halfbake...idea/Extra_20Medium
The inspiration for this one.. [goff, Jun 14 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Perhaps Sir would benefit from a little more apple in Sir's hat.
angel, Jun 14 2001

       Why not surreal pizza sizes too: "I'll have an extra cheese double giraffe, no anchovies". By over-loading the size and ingredients descriptions, a much more efficient pizza ordering system results. I think...
lubbit, Jun 14 2001

       Okay, so I'll need that in the narrow ostrich, but the shoes in medium porcupine.   

       Hats could be sized from hummingbird up to swan--but everything above the extra bluejay would be for wide brims and fancy decorations. And, of course, the regular, pineapple, and fruit salad Carmen Mirandas.
Redbird, Jun 14 2001

       Baked. They're called women's clothing sizes.
arghblah, Jun 15 2001

       The boutique assistant's sizing code 2 - "I'm sorry I didn't see you behind the clothesrail" 4 - "the very slim and I hate you anorexic b*tch" 6 - "the very slim and I hate you slight less" 8 - "the perfect size because I'm it" 10 - "would madam like to take a size larger" 12 - "I'm sorry we don't do plus sizes" 14 - "Excuse me - do clothes go up to that size?" 16 - "Thar she blows! Get a harpoon gun" 18 - "Dear God an Eclipse!"
kael, Jul 09 2003

       "Excuse me. Do you have this skirt in Cow?"
PeterSilly, Jul 10 2003

       //I didn't know I'd been hanging out here for so long//

Sounds to me like you need to go up a few sizes then ravenswood. Possibly as far as Pterodactyl (although it can be difficult to admit that you've finally graduated up to the dinosaur sizes, I know).
DrBob, Jul 10 2003

       Woo hoo!
thecat, Jul 10 2003

       Here. Have an extra muntjac croissant with powdered sugar.
Tabbyclaw, May 20 2005


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