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Surrogate Baby Movement Sensor And Simulator For Adoptive Mom

Wrapped around the surrogate mother's tummy, sends movement translations to another unit wrapped around the adoptive mother's tummy.
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Motors simulate the baby's movement in real time so the adoptive mother could experience the movements of the baby is it grew in the surrogate mother's womb.

Don't know if women would be into this but this is the Halfbakery after all.

And yea, guess the dad would wear one too but I'd pass.

doctorremulac3, May 15 2024


       [+] Dads with sympathetic pregnancy or just with sympathy may want this, I just worry it would go from a nice thing to do to a socially expected piece of attire for the dad.
Voice, May 15 2024

       Actually, now that you mention it, I absolutely WOULD wear one of these.   

       Wonder if a smaller version you wore around your neck over your heart might be a thing. I'd DEFINITELY wear one of those.   

       And could be greatly simplified. Little belt around the waist that just sensed movement above a certain threshold and sent out signals via bluetooth on a cellphone to those who were on the list. When the baby's active your heart shaped pendant just vibrates in sync with the movement. This way family and friends could all share the experience.
doctorremulac3, May 15 2024

       This slightly reminds me of a feature in the Apple Watch that lets the wearer send their heartbeat (or a simulation thereof) to someone. I've never used it, but supposedly you can put two fingers on the watch face when composing a message and the recipient would feel it as a haptic from their own Apple Watch or newer iPhone.   

       Similar tech could be adapted for [doc]'s idea.
a1, May 16 2024

       I know that Chinese mothers were paying women in the U.S. as surrogates, and then Covid hit (China) and who knows how many Chinese babies got stranded in strange environs.
4and20, May 16 2024

       I would NOT wear this. I happily render unto Cesar that which is Cesar's. [+]
21 Quest, May 20 2024

       I don't know yet how I feel about this.   

       It's... like unnecessarily brilliant, while being also weirdly probable.   


       Well played.   


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