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tubes of strong fencing for a walk-through zoo
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I've visited aquariums (-ia?) in which the visitors can walk among the sealife in a clear plastic tube. It's fun to be in the middle of the environment with something happening all around. I think it would be nice to have something similar in a zoo, possibly made of chain-link fence, with a walk fitted into the bottom and maybe some extra barricades where needed. I'm thinking of protection from the larger, stronger animals, such as elephants and rhinos. Imagine - monkeys climbing all around, a big cat sunning itself on the tube top, a walk over a hippo pool. Given time, the animals would probably get used to the people and ignore them.
TeaTotal, Dec 22 2001

Arnd Drossel takes this idea one step further. http://www.dailymai...youve-got-into.html
[jutta, Aug 19 2008]


       Baked: at, for example, the Congo Gorilla Forest at the Bronx Zoo, and the Portland (Oregon) and Seattle zoos' otter exhibits.
Redbird, Dec 22 2001

       Although mostly without the protective barricades...
StarChaser, Dec 23 2001

       How about a network of walk-through tubes of the zoo's surrounding area so the animals could walk through us? Presumably they'd head back for feeding time.
notripe, Dec 23 2001

       Given that many animals are given to using projectile excrement, I think I'd want something a little less perforated than a chain-link tube.
nick_n_uit, Dec 23 2001

       Oh! I've been on one of them aquarium tube thingys. They should have a bird one of them and the tube will be all pooped on. a fantastic time for all.
funky_monkey, Jul 15 2002

       Even then, the animals would hang out in the back of the enclosure, so far away that you just see a blob of hair.   

       "Hey look, there's the bear!" "Where"?" "In the corner, behind that rock, I can see the very top of it's...head? I think it's black, maybe brown."   

       Big fun.
bspollard, Dec 12 2002

       Baked. The Toledo Zoo has a Hippo-quarium thing that should work that way, but the hippos hide at the back and you can never see them through the water.
verobay, Jul 16 2004

       I went through a thing like that in a gorilla pen once.
MikeOxbig, Nov 24 2005


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