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Suspension Setup Calculator

Take some of the guess work out of suspension tuning
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Adjusting the suspension settings on a car can entail either tedious trial and error, or complicated math and physics to optimize things like performance, ride quality, and fuel economy. This would find a market with auto makers, racing teams, or hot rodders.

Why not give this task to a computer, at least for baseline settings? You would plug in numbers for the vehicle weight, suspension geometry, weight distribution, etc. and then tune the setup for different applications with a physics simulation. You would still need to fine-tune everything in real life.

I know that this is somewhat baked with the Gran Turismo games, which still require a trial and error method or a lot of guessing. There also exist a few simulations for working out the geometry of suspension components, but I was thinking of a more comprehensive program.

discontinuuity, Nov 11 2005

spring rate calculator for offroad cars http://lr90.shackne...r90/calculator.aspx
one part of the package [discontinuuity, Nov 11 2005]

Four-Link Calculator http://www.performa...rends.com/4link.htm
For suspension geometry on drag racers [discontinuuity, Nov 11 2005]

FastLaps Calculator http://www.proracin...simfeaturetable.htm
I think this is basically what I was describing, specifically for racing applications [discontinuuity, Nov 11 2005]

adams http://www.mscsoftw...software/msc/adams/
[JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Nov 11 2005]

susprog http://www.susprog.com/
[JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Nov 11 2005]

Contains your actual string computer for planning suspension geometry http://www.amazon.c...ref=ntt_at_ep_dpt_2
[random_patenter_syndrome_victim, Dec 09 2009]


       So very well baked.   

       From simple roll centre calculators to extremely complicated dynamic simulators (eg. susprog to adams)
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Nov 11 2005


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