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Sweet tooth

toothpaste alternative to dessert
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After eating a wholesome meal you often crave something sweet to complete the eating experiance. Well this very craving is the body's natural way of telling u to stop eating. However dessert often contains more calories, fat, carbs and sugar than the entire preceding meal...unfortunately. And its also relatively bad for your teeth unless your brush immediately afterward, which ruins the dessert.

Enter the dessert paste (name subject to revision)

Dessert paste comes in several different delicious flavours - inlcuding chocolate cake w/ vanilla ice cream. strawverry cheescake, apple pie, blueberry pie, sorbet, etc. Not only would this toothbpaste provide one witH all the tantilising satisfacion of the actual dessert, but would be a more healthy option while also cleaning your teeth simultaneously.

of course there would be the issue of over-consumption due to the irresistable flavours, however, this range of toothpaste would be entirely consumable and digestable if accidentally swallowed!


shinobi, Jul 06 2005


       How exactly does this toothpaste manage to taste like all these sweet things and still manage to clean your teeth?
fridge duck, Jul 06 2005

       n.b. desert = arid area
dessert = delectable comestible.
csea, Jul 07 2005

       Flavoured toothpaste is baked, and the notion of brushing teeth instead of eating dessert is hardly an invention.
Texticle, Jul 07 2005

       Okay. Why stop with dessert? Is a meal not a meal until the last of its icing is licked from a spoon?   

       I think a toothpaste cap that ::*not-jingle*:: made the sound of a spoon plopping into a glass dish would get your attention better.
reensure, Jul 07 2005


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