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Tooth paste in a tablet

A metered and tidy dose in tablet form, effervescent when put into the mouth to form tooth paste
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Tooth paste is messy business, and its a whole lot easier not to worry about the last amount in the tube.

I suggest a tablet that is just the right amount of tooth paste. It goes in your mouth and quickly foams up (while in this process it aids in cleaning of teeth).

This luxurious feeling of foaming will be a refreshing delight, breaking away built up grime in your mouth.

lostmind, Jan 11 2012

what goes around... http://www.drbicusp...g=dis&ItemID=307168
new product article dated Jun11 2011 [FlyingToaster, Jan 11 2012]

Ceto-Q toothpaste tablet http://www.ceto-q.com/
[Klaatu, Jan 12 2012]


       I'm sorry but in 1908 a small company based out of New York, J.D Abelard and Sons. produced a foaming effervescent toothpaste in tablet form.
rcarty, Jan 11 2012

       The product was so unpopular they castrated poor JD.
mouseposture, Jan 11 2012

       Perhaps if you glued them to the brush you could... oh... uh...   

Grogster, Jan 11 2012


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