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Swimming of the Sharks

Marine analogue to the Running of the Bulls
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Well the idea speaks for itself.

You get fins, snorkel, air pony. A couple dozen hungry dogfish chase you. The 500-yard course is set up with giant nets that are suspended from surface pontoons and dangle to the bottom of a shallow body of water, like curtains. Thus, if you're in trouble, you can escape over the pontoons, while the sharks cannot.

Spear gunners with armored plastic suits are there to bail you out if the need arises. At the end of the course is the beachfront, where medical staff are in position to cauterize any wounds.

Cuit_au_Four, Jan 27 2008


       someone on the Russell Brand podcast was complaining that he had a phobia about sharks & that he lived in Peckham to which Russell said "you be careful" . well, it made me laugh!
po, Jan 28 2008

       I don't think there's a fish in the sea that swims as slowly as we do. So this is pretty bloody pointless, unless you're into that whole feeding Christians to lions thing.   

       And encouraging any wildlife to eat people merely jeopardizes the wildlife when they go back to the wild. Big, smelly dogfishbone.
DrCurry, Jan 28 2008

       (completely tangential to topic)
I spent a summer on a long line trolling, salmon fishing boat, (or thirty two foot floating cell with a three month sentence, as I preferred to think of it at the time), and we caught this dogfish.
The shark had died on the line but its belly was all bulged out so I tossed it aside until the cleaning was finished and I had some spare time. When I began to slice into the dogfish’s' belly all of these little baby sharks spilled out onto the deck.

       The two guys I was on the boat with thought I was completely insane, but I kept these baby sharks alive in a bucket for the better part of a week.
(I mean really...have you ever seen a seconds old shark before? me neither)
My boredom on the boat was pretty intense by this time as you can tell so it took that long before I decided to release the tiny razor toothed darlings back to where they belonged, aaaaaanyway I drew things on their little white bellies with indelible marker to see if it would wash away first and it didn't.

       Someday, somewhere, someone, will, catch the dogfish with a "scurvy" birthmark on its belly, or wonder just how that game of X's and O's got played at the bottom of the Ocean.   

       Oh yes...they will.   

       Lose the spear gunners and I'll throw a bun.
Noexit, Jan 29 2008

       //Have dogfish been known to attack humans?//   

       Not so sure about that, but all sorts of animals can generally be persuaded to attack if poked with a stick or its equivalent long enough.
froglet, Jan 30 2008

       I like the idea, but it plays too much to the sharks' strengths. Hold the event in the streets of Pamploma and I'll be there.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 30 2008

       Put the sharks in giant Roaming Goldfish Bowls.
nomocrow, Jan 30 2008

       Well that wouldn't work because the goldfish bowls wouldn't move.
Cuit_au_Four, Jan 31 2008

       //Have dogfish been known to attack humans?//   

They’re pretty small, so unless they attack like piranhas you can just give them a good swat on the nose.

       Dogfish, meh.   

       Make it barracuda or even hungry muskellunge and I'll go for it.
elhigh, Mar 03 2008


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