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Swindon Top Trumps
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the swindon town football team made into top trumps all the best players swindon has ever produced and worse
James4, Feb 21 2004

The original and best. IMHO. http://www.halfbake...Mate_20Top_20Trumps
[gnomethang, Oct 17 2004]


       Swindon Calling
thumbwax, Feb 21 2004

       I thought they were called Swindon Nil?
Fishrat, Feb 21 2004

       This idea is so uniquely British it's virtually incomprehensible.
waugsqueke, Feb 21 2004

       I think I understand why you said that but I could be wrong...
po, Feb 21 2004

       Swindon? Mind you we just lost to Man Ciddy 1-3
Loft Nuthouse, Feb 21 2004

       And there I was thinking it would be about imposing roundabouts in every town, or forcing each city council to erect faceless 70s shopping arcades, or closing the main industry in each major town, but no, it's Swindon Nil...
PeterSilly, Feb 21 2004

       I prefer the earlier idea of 'You Mate Top Trumps'. Linky. It is a classic that deserves churning.
gnomethang, Feb 21 2004

       [james4] sorry, Swindon has produced nothing of note. Ever. Tis a supremely dull town.   

       top trumps based on the town's football club would be tedious. Each and every player has only ever aspired to mediocrity and thus the game of trumps would be sullied into a "who's less shit, Mooney or Invinscible".   

       Other readers of the bakery maybe as bemused and confused by this posting as your original idea. Everyone ... [james4] is sorry about that.   


       *and relax*   

       Bristol City are surely the best team in the Southwest?
jonthegeologist, Feb 22 2004


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