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Swiss Emergency Ice

Comes frozen, so that when it melts it is cool and clean.
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This is a very large block of ice with holes passing through it, resembling carefully engineered Swiss cheese. When the ice is removed from its refrigerated shipping container (or when power fails), it begins to melt. The melted water is conveyed by gravity down through the system of cast-in-ice tubes, to a single exit hole near the bottom edge of the block. Then simply collect the water with a cup or bucket, and drink for cool refreshment.

Large SEI may be distributed to hot disaster stuck areas to ward-off heat stroke. SEI may also be scaled-down to a consumer sized block to be kept at home for use in California’s traditional blackouts.

Laughs Last, Aug 30 2005

Similar idea, different use spongiform_20ice
Or run air through it to cool it. [jutta, Aug 13 2006]


       The ice will most likely melt on the outside first, not in the holes, so I don't think this will work.
DrCurry, Aug 30 2005

       But it's hilarious to imagine - so it gets my vote!
froglet, Aug 30 2005

       Sure, the exterior would have more radiant heat gain than the interior, and plenty of access to fresh (warm) air. But the interior would also gain extra fresh (warm) air through reverse thermal stack. That is, the cool air pouring out the bottom will suck warm air in through the top. So the interior would certainly melt also.   

       Due to water melting off the sides and onto the ground, this is far from an efficient method to distribute emergency water supplies. It will only half-work.
Laughs Last, Aug 30 2005

       //It will only half-work//   

       Half-Work = Half-Baked. +Bun
TheBearMadeMeDoIt, Aug 30 2005


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