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Switchable Velcro

Velcro that you can turn off.
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Velcro is a wonderful material(yes I know it is a trade name but it is also a common name)

Th biggest problem with velcro is that it is always grabby and when used in clothing tends to load up with fibers and lint. Switchable velcro utilizes Electroactive polymers to allow the hooks to open up and allow for easy cleaning. A low voltage is all that is required to release the hooks.

jhomrighaus, Jan 29 2007

US patent 6,598,274 http://www.google.c...AAAAEBAJ&dq=6598274
Electrically releasable hook and loop fastener [xaviergisz, Jan 29 2007]


       How about bi-metallic, or memory alloy, hooks? Heat them up and they straighten out.
Use hot water in the washing machine to do the job, or make them so that clothing automatically opens in hot weather.
Ling, Jan 29 2007

       + yes, I like this and would like to buy some for my new airlines. [see Cloud Lines] thank you.
xandram, Jan 29 2007

       Good suggestions Ling!
jhomrighaus, Jan 29 2007

wagster, Jan 29 2007

       viagra for velcro.
po, Jan 29 2007

       you got the idea there Ian though more eloquently stated than I could ever achieve.
jhomrighaus, Jan 29 2007

       can they make it silent as well ? i love my velcro, but it's a bit noisy in quiet places...
eurospike, Jan 29 2007

       If you could make velcro that opens and closes quickly enough you could put it on the bottom of a vehicle so the vehicle could move on thousands of little legs and perhaps would be useful off the road.
JSand, Jan 30 2007

       [IT], hormone sensitive velcro?
Ling, Jan 31 2007


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