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Symbiotic Band

Each instrument relies on another in order to play correctly.
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I thought of an interesting idea for a band - one in which a musician's playing ability is dependant on the others. Each instrument must be playing a certain way in order for the others to function correctly.

For example, here's an idea for a 3 person band consisting of a drummer, a singer, and a guitarist:

1. The percussionist's drumsticks must be in contact with the drum in order for the microphone to work.

2. The guitar amplifier's volume is equal to that of the singer.

3. The drums will be muffled unless the guitar player is playing at or above a certain tempo.

rgovostes, Oct 23 2003

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       I have seen something simalar with a Bass player and a drummer using a noisegate or a compresser. As the drummer kicked the bass brum, that opened the noisegate which let the bass guitar sound out.
They used it as far as I remember to lock the drums and bass into a tight groove.
sufc, Oct 23 2003


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