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Sympathetic Scale

A bathroom scale that commiserates
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A talking scale that softens the news of a few extra pounds by delivering the news in the manner of a sympathetic friend:

"Good morning. You look fabulous, darling. Have you lost weight? Oh my gosh! My strain gauge is way out of whack. Can you believe it? It says you've gained two pounds since last time! Hahaha. I know my strain gauge is broken because anyone can see you've lost weight. You really do look wonderful! Better find that warranty slip you got with me. Have a fantastic day, gorgeous!"

gregor-e, Mar 09 2006

Not-So-Sympathetic Talking Scale http://james.lipsit.com/talking.htm
A build it yourself project. [jurist, Mar 09 2006]

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       he he+
zeno, Mar 09 2006


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