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Weigh case

weigh before you go
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After recently having to dump certain items at the check in counter at the airport due to baggage being overweight the introduction of the weigh case ensues.

A weighing mechanism of the electronic scales variety located at the bottom of the suitcase concealed within the lining connected to a lcd display near the handle to show you exactly how much clutter you're packing in at home.

This will save you emptying your belongings when you check in at the airport.


skinflaps, Sep 24 2003


       Why not just use a scale?
phoenix, Sep 24 2003

       Never thought of that seeing as their allways 'availiable' in every country in the world.
skinflaps, Sep 24 2003

       Baked. When I was a kid I had a backpack with scales built into the handle. When you lift the pack, it shows you how much it weights. (minus the handle)
RaoulDuke, Sep 24 2003

       "Never thought of that seeing as their allways 'availiable' in every country in the world."
"...to show you exactly how much clutter your packing in at home..."
Sorry, I didn't realize you had homes across the globe. That being the case, why pack? Just keep clothes in every country. Or keep a scale in every home. Souveniers you can have shipped.
phoenix, Sep 24 2003

       From the description, I assume the weight is based on the force applied to the inside bottom of the suitcase as opposed to the pressure on the outside bottom "feet" of the suitcase. If the suitcase is packed too tightly, not all of the weight will settle to the bottom. You wouldn't get a true weight. Maybe a strain gauge in the handle somehow. Then you'd be weighing the case as well.   

       No need for a hidden LCD, use a speaker and voice synthesizer. Sure it would take more power, but it would have an added benefit of enabling sound effects when lifting the bag: "oi", "oof", "rrrrip", "gooooing uuup"...   

       To address the power consumption issue, the wheels (assumption) would drive a generator to recharge the battery when you drag the suitcase along.   

       I may have misunderstood how the weighing is supposed to work, in which case, never mind.
half, Sep 24 2003

       Have elastic fasteners on the handle, so if the bag weighs too much, all you can lift is the handle. The bag stays on the floor.
FarmerJohn, Sep 25 2003


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