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TCP - UUCP harmonisation

Request For Comments
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As everyday domestic items become smarter and IP-aware, a need will arise for communication with sanitary fixtures.

We propose a project to define Toilet Control Protocol merged with Universal Urinal Control Protocol, designed to operate within IPv6.

A future extension to embrace BCPL (Bidet Control Programming Link) would be part of the spec.

The most difficult part would be identifying a manger to run the project who actually gives a shit, as all candidates proposed so far all have their heads all the way up their own assholes, since they are incapable of finding it in the usual way i.e. with both hands, and have to resort to brown- nosing.

8th of 7, Apr 04 2014


       Whenever your toilet attacks you, you'll know its dowloaded a virus. There have been lot of those since Grampa took down all the nice pictures and replaced them with a monitor.
skoomphemph, Apr 04 2014

       There are just too many bad puns that could be said.   

       I'm holding them all back, to spare you.
sophocles, Apr 04 2014


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