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Tequila Management
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Inspired by a tequila binge session years ago.

We all have our tequila stories, many, like myself cant even fathom seeing/smelling/hearing about the evil spirit. It was fun though, the salt-shoot-lime repertoire, crashing your shot-glasses together over and over and embarking to the proverbial darkside. That was years ago, before work and hangovers were even a discussion.

So this is what I've got...bare with me, its a little hectic to describe

I though of a way in which the salt, shot and lime could be incorporated into one device; the TQM glass (play on the acronym for Total Quality Management - Japanese inspired strategic management). It would all be built into the glass, with a salt dispenser on one side, and a lime juice spray unit on the other....shot in the middle of course.

The salt would recharge and dispense the required dose for one shot every time the glass was tilted upside down and upright again via an 'S' shaped tunnel leading from the airtight salt chamber to a small platform one would just lick.

The lime would be in a larger sized chamber on the right side of the glass with a traditional pump action spray unit that one would simply just spray on their tongue using their thumb (providing they're right-handed).

The shot compartment would be made of glass, and the salt and lime units would be made of plastic a and would be easily detachable using a slide-lock mechanism for washing etc.

The salt and lime chambers would contain enough supply for, say 10 shots, by which time I think its about time to speak to god on the big porcelain telephone....(bleeeuuuaggghh)

Understandably, one of the biggest attractions of drinking tequila is the excitement of how its consumed (pretty much inspired from movies about leather-clad bikers, and frat boys...oh that came out wrong).

This of course would just be a novelty item, and by no means intended to replace the old-school method.

shinobi, Mar 20 2006


       I suspect this would sell well, and probably cause many casualties.
wagster, Mar 20 2006

       Why not have it all in one disposable shot glass?
|______| That way it's all
| .SALT. | in one fluid and
|---------| sublimely entertaining
|.. TEQ .| motion that requires
|---------| minimal sobriety to
| LIME J | operate
w0lfman, Mar 20 2006

       Who drinks their tequila with lime and salt?
shapu, Mar 18 2008


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