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Vibrating Beer Glass

connecting drunk people
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This could very well be used in unison with 'Pig's Arse' see link. A small battery pack with attachment vibrates the drinker's glass - in a similar fashion to a mobile phone gyration. The attachment is water proof and affixes to the bottom of the glass where it meets the table.

Why? Well I'm getting to that.

The drinker or group of drinkers will simultaneously flick the switches on their vibrating beer glasses via remote control to signal approval in a drunken manner.

Imagine if you will, just as Terry hits the punchline of his joke about the priest, his wife and the new barmaid - all the glasses around the table jiggle about like a ship on the high seas to the amusement of those around.

It can also be used as a sign of confirmation - such that as Bob is explaining the changes he thinks should be made to the milking schedule - a chorus of 'here heres' can be reinforced with vibrating lagers moving sideways across the table for a brief moment of time.

Via the wonders of modern technology, the vibrating glass can be co-ordinated with the ring tone of your phone, so that when your wife/husband/partner/gardener etc calls your beer will give full indication.

benfrost, Sep 02 2005

Pig's Arse Pig_27s_20Arse
also give it a boot just after the punchline [benfrost, Sep 02 2005]


       Um, get drunk and get off at the same time...?
DrCurry, Sep 02 2005

       Nightmare. This will surely affect the integrity of the luscious beverage.
Jinbish, Sep 02 2005

       I am surprised that YOU didn't actually suggest the function Dr. C alludes to, however, I fail to see how this is any better than using your mouth to express your feelings. Seems like an extra layer in the way of direct communication when none is needed (like you might need if you have barrier that needs to be bridged: distance, language, time, etc).   

       Might make the beer go flat quicker, too.
oxen crossing, Sep 02 2005

       This is not a beer for drinking; this is a beer for laying down and avoiding.
benfrost, Sep 03 2005

       + By this time in the conversation, Who will care about the flatness of the beer? The Vibrating glasses will be the The.   

       The cellphone part seems incongruous to me.
Zimmy, Sep 03 2005

       Alright, I guess I missed the bit about being so drunk you can't communicate any other way, but you can be bothered to somehow activate a remote switch you have managed not to lose? Or am I still off? (not trying to be overly critical, just trying to sort this out to where I can understand it)
oxen crossing, Sep 03 2005

       how about if the glass lights up instead.   

       this seems more useful for identifying which beer is yours when it has gotten lost amongst all the others. just press the button on your remote control and your designated glass lights up.   

       and how about a vibrating keg...to make keg stands just that much more fun.   

       ...then ill send your beer glass a text message....okay im done
IcarusByNight, Sep 03 2005

       The bit about "Here, Here!" Rattle Rattle gets a bun from me.
Germanicus, Sep 03 2005

       i want to inhabit a world where everything is animated including my beer. at the peak of a joke's punchline i want my chip packet to explode, my beer glass to tremble, the lights flicker a little and my chair to leap off the ground about an inch. maybe i'll save those for another posting or else go back to my drug habit.
benfrost, Sep 03 2005

       you should have been a magician.
po, Sep 03 2005

       Or maybe, a great artist?
Zimmy, Sep 05 2005

       Just grab the table and shake it at the moment of punchline delivery. This will have the same effect, only cheaper. Of course if you're not careful...
wagster, Sep 05 2005

       //i want to inhabit a world where everything is animated including my beer...//   

       now I get it. actually sounds sublime, sort of half-asleep. +
oxen crossing, Sep 13 2005


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