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TSA caryonbag

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This bag you can rent from the tsa or other similar agency.

It is made of some very strong stuff. You cannot open it yourself, it is locked and cannot be opened with anything allowed on an airplane so al things that could possibly open it are inside the bag anyway. Like knives scissors etc.

Bag is opened at arrival.

Now you can take your marmite with you.

zeno, Nov 07 2013

What is TSA? http://en.wikipedia...rity_Administration
WIki defines: [popbottle, Nov 12 2013]

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       They'll package up your pocketknife and check it as hold baggage for you to claim at your destination. I carry a knife so habitually (and fly so rarely) that this has happened to me twice now, and they're quite friendly about it and haven't strip-searched me even once.
Alterother, Nov 07 2013

       [Alter] I suspect that has something to do with where you're flying out of. I'd only expect it at smaller/friendlier airports. I don't think I've seen them offer that out of BOS.
MechE, Nov 07 2013

       I typically fly out of PWM or BGR. I guess they're accustomed to rednecks with pocket folders up here.
Alterother, Nov 07 2013

       On the TSA list, it doesn't actually mention carrion...or did you mean tachyon? Hmm, luggage that arrives before you've gone on the holidays...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2013

       What a fowl comment
zeno, Nov 11 2013

       //hawking Sp. Cherenkov
not_morrison_rm, Nov 12 2013


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