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TV in seats

like they have on planes
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For long car journeys. Amuse the kids for hours, forget having to play endless guessing games, and actually manage to get some sleep without screaming fights coming from the back (obviously this is for the front passenger, as the driver shouldn't be sleeping anyway). Just program it to the cartoon network, or even install a video player as well and let them watch a film. Worth the cost for the peace.
baby_steffee, Apr 03 2001

(?) Silhouette "Premier Edition" minivan http://www.silhouet....asp?model=premiere
With TV, VCR, headphones. [jutta, Apr 03 2001]

(?) Chevrolet "Warner Bros. Edition" minivan http://www.chevrole...b_edition/index.htm
Same deal. Now with bigger screen and wireless headphones. [jutta, Apr 03 2001]

(?) All kinds of add-on TV/VCR options... http://www.newsales...vconsole/index.html
... on one cheesy webpage. Console between seats, hang from ceiling, seat that converts into one. [jutta, Apr 03 2001]

(?) Lowrider Caddy http://lowrideronli...sent_from_above.htm
Take a sip of the potion, hit the 3-wheel motion...while watching World News Tonight. [iuvare, Apr 03 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Minivans with this feature have been advertised on television in the US for at least two years. The monitor (attached to a VCR) is typically hanging from the ceiling in the middle. This and many similar options are also available as add-ons.
jutta, Apr 03 2001, last modified Apr 04 2001

       Baked in lowriders for ages. Just visit your 'hood.
iuvare, Apr 04 2001


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