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TV series on demand

Watch any show's episode you want on demand
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My idea

Have you ever wanted to watch a particular episode of a certain tv show, but they seem not to ever show it on syndication or don't have that episode of video?

What about TV shows on demand. For a monthly fee, members can download or streaming (w/ broadband) watch the TV show they want, and the episode they want. This will allow you to watch a episode from any series you wanted ever made, even the bad ones that only lasted a couple of shows..

This will be a website, but with the age of DVD-RW, a user can download the 30-1 hour episode to their computer, save it to dvd, then erase the show off your hard drive, You then can watch the show on your television.

adp9, Aug 06 2001

Welt Am Draht https://www.youtube...tA&feature=youtu.be
Trailer for the digitally restored version. Only three years late, jutta, but I got there in the end! [DrBob, Nov 13 2014]

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       A service of such already runs in england. It goes through the phone line using ADSl technology (so that you can still use that phone), and has a data bank of shows, so that you can order a whole series, or a specific episode. It also has some of the features of TiVo (Pause, etc), and with home DVDRecorders arriving soon, this idea will be Crispy.
[ sctld ], Aug 08 2001

       There are two parts to this idea: (a) being able to access any show you want, and (b) being able to download shows (rather than going to the video store or waiting for them to come around).   

       (a) is a WIBNI. If it's not available on video (or some other storage media), it's unlikely to be available over some streaming delivery medium. (The licensing problems are pretty much the same.) There are shows that you can't get in _any_ form at all, and the fact that you can't get them has to do with format and licensing, not with a specific delivery technology.   

       (b) is under active development, with a few experimental installations. Streaming delivery methods for the video version has been under investigation for many years under the general name of "video on demand".   

       (If anyone has a copy of Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Welt am Draht" TV miniseries, send me email.)   

       [WIBNI - wouldn't it be nice if. Something widely known as desirable and difficult.]
jutta, Aug 09 2001

       Help, what is a WIBNI?
Mayfly, Aug 09 2001

       Now baked - hurrah!
hippo, Nov 13 2014

       So baked it'll probably destroy the traditional TV broadcasting. More bandwidth for mobile internet, Hurrah!
bs0u0155, Nov 13 2014


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